Dancers taking on the world

Team Revolution
Team Revolution

A dance academy in Awsworth has qualified for a worldwide competition.

After a lot of hard work since the group began in 2011, Team Revolution has been entered for the World Freestyle Dance Championships where dancers will compete against others from all over the globe.

Inspired by their principal Nichola Buckley the contingent of more than twenty performers flew the flag for Nottinghamshire at the recent qualifiers, where they wowed a panel of 12 judges.

Staged in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the UK qualifiers brought together more than 300 dancers from more than twenty dance schools including teams from London, Wales and Scotland.

Competing in age groups from under six to over 18, the dancers made a big impression showing their merits in street dance, pairs, solo dancing and freestyle.

Making their marks were Team Revolution’s star performers Leia Bradley, Shannon Wright, Georgia Smith, Brooke Wright ,Kelsey Smith and Olivia Hewes, among others.

Newcomers Vienna McClean, eight, and Archie Dobbin, nine, made their first competition appearances, excelling themselves and winning individual trophies.

Delighted by their success at such a prestigious event, Nichola said: “Friendship, teamwork and individual talent are our hallmarks for success.

“I would also like to pay tribute to the children’s parents who give up so much time and provide invaluable support to help the dancers achieve at a high level.”

Team Revolution’s next important competition takes place in March when the dance school’s young stars head for Wales where they will be competing in the Quay West Championships.

The championships will be staged at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool in June.

Newcomers are invited to join Team Revolution’s Dance School or its newly formed Drama and Music Academy. For details phone Nichola on 07916567600 or Sue on 07730747776.