Darley Dale

WI: The Ladies of Darley Dale WI were somewhat surprised at their recent meeting when Sue Watkins, the speaker for the evening arrived dressed in a colourful kaftan and bearing a large water carrier.

Sue is the Derbyshire Federation rep for the charity Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) which works to provide support to women’s projects around the world but is particularly active in underdeveloped countries in Africa.

Sue outlined some of the successful assignments the charity has undertaken such as creating access to clean water from previously contaminated bore holes and building safe latrines in areas which are particularly dangerous for young women.

The charity works with other agencies to give aid solely to women in education, family planning, HIV/aids awareness and small business schemes and a host of other projects. Sue brought with her a number of articles which she had collected on her travels with the charity.

Arrangements were made for those attending a life saving course on July 2. Several members are taking up an invitation to ‘Tea on a Farm’ on July 9.

Raffle winner was Barbara Pyatt and completion winner was Jo Sampson.

The date of the next meeting is Tuesday, July 9, in the Darley Dale Methodist Church hall at 7.15. New members and visitors are always welcome.