Darley Dale residents’ ‘outrage’ at park closure

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Darley Dale residents have expressed their “outrage” at Whitworth Centre staff after they failed to open the park on time this bank holiday.

The Mercury received countless complaints from people who were unable to get into their beloved Whitworth Park on Bank Holiday Monday.

Resident Rodney Mullen said: “Can I express my outrage at the board of so called trustees of the Whitworth centre.

“The weekend was forecast to be divine and it didn’t disappoint. What did disappoint, however, was the Whitworth trusts failure to organise a member if staff to unlock the park!”

Stephen Allen added: “Just another sign of incompetence. I can’t see why they need gates on there anyway.”

A spokesperson for the Whitworth Centre apologised profusely for not opening the gates until lunchtime.

“This was an oversight on our part and won’t happen again,” the spokesperson added.