Darley has a lot going on

As a newly elected councillor, May 2011, I was quite amazed to hear that a reader (letters, Matlock Mercury, March 29) does not really know how much is achieved in Darley Dale. I would presume they are taking the same negative response as a few other residents of Darley Dale quite recently.

I would like to therefore remind Darley Dale to some of what does actually go on in Darley Dale, thanks to the present town council at present.

Various youth clubs covering all age groups. Guess what, some of your local town councillors volunteer to keep this service available to your community.

Memory Lane – for the older community, once a month afternoon tea and entertainment with some of your town councillors and trust members volunteering their time freely.

The Flower in the Field Project – A Community Garden at Church Town, hosted by a mental health charity situated in Darley Dale, for which a town councillor volunteers in their spare time.

Darley Dale in Bloom – this has been initiated by the town council for Darley Dale, for community inclusion and to make our town more welcoming and attractive. Many litter picks will be undertaken. All this has been widely publicised in the fourth coming edition of Update.

The children’s cinema at St Helen’s Church is very popular and has been started up again. Over the past few years, you would have seen the previous Mayor and previous chair of the trust along with the town clerk, Trust members and other councillors again giving their time freely.

Summer holiday activities – Over the last few years the town council has organised and subsidised holiday activities for primary school children, this has kept prices affordable for parents.

I, like a few others on the town council and Trust, have been involved with all the above and given our time freely and with much enthusiasm.

One of the most public-minded members of the town council and Trust was John Evans (previous chair of both organisations). John did not just turn up, he rolled his sleeves up and got on with whatever job needed doing.

Not only for his chairmanship, but also for the hundreds of hours he gave up helping community projects, does he richly deserve the recognition award he was presented with last year, and it was the public at the town council meeting who unanimously suggested and voted for this.

I, personally always up for a healthy debate on any issue. Perhaps these ‘armchair critics’ would benefit from attending the council meetings, come and see us and perhaps get involved in making Darley Dale what the council are striving to make it.

We are not just town councillors, we are members of the community ourselves. We give our time freely as well as run homes, raise families and hold down full time jobs. I call it dedication.

Cllr Di Cliff

North Ward Darley Dale