Darley old days

Matlock Mem Lane 30 March
Matlock Mem Lane 30 March

Memories of school days from a bygone era are certain to be stirred with this photograph originally printed in the Mercury 25 years ago.

It was the property of Kenneth Shuttleworth of Littleover and was thought to have been snapped sometime in the 1930s.

It shows pupils from Darley Churchtown Primary School.

Mr Shuttleworth was the nephew of Darley teacher Ivy Bond, who ran Darley Dale Cub Scouts at the time her brother, William Lovell, was group master of the First Darley Dale Scouts.

Some of those named on the photograph include Alan Stone, Douglas Bradshaw, Nellie Goodwin, Florence Percival, Betty Ainscough, Doreen Wain, Ethal Hayes and Dennis Sellors.