Darley residents support our policies

I trust you will allow me to reply to the letter from Mr Mullen last week.

He started by showing that if he cut a bit here, twisted a bit there and then plaited it all he could show that the Fresh Start candidate actually lost the last by-election in Darley Dale.

Unfortunately, Mr Mullen, no matter how you try to juggle it, the fact is your boy lost.

The Fresh Start candidate not only beat your boy, but he received more votes than all the other candidates put together. That’s democracy for you.

Darley Dale people support their Fresh Start council because it has just two policies: to resist unscrupulous developers and to improve services for residents of Darley Dale.

Mr Mullen tried to make something of the fact that Fresh Start councillors stop being councillors as time goes by.

That’s life, Mr Mullen. People change jobs, or family circumstances change, and they give up public life.

Fortunately, others are prepared to pick up the baton.

What Mr Mullen conveniently forgot to mention is that Fresh Start has controlled and guided Darley Dale Town Council for the last 10 years. 10 years in which we have steadfastly opposed undesirable development on Darley Dale’s green fields, in which we started youth clubs, film clubs, Memory Lane for senior citizens, refurbished the Whitworth Centre and the lake, and much, much more.

No doubt Mr Mullen would like to return to the days before Fresh Start came on the scene. The days when councillors would say they would not rest until every green space in Darley Dale had been built on.

He might want to do that, but take it from me 99% of Darley Dale residents don’t want to.

Councillor John Evans

Chairman Fresh Start Group