Debate heats up on panels

It will be remembered that the Government has recently ended the practice of paying vast amounts for solar energy arrays deployed in fields.

The feed-in tariffs have been reduced by 75 per cent.

A Wirksworth Festival event to discuss the matching question of solar panels on domestic roofs will be held at the Derbyshire Ecology Centre, Porter Lane, Wirksworth at 7.30pm, on Saturday, September 24.

Those attending will be invited to vote on one of two propositions - (1) Existing feed-in tariffs should be referred to the Office for Budgetary Responsibility, for alignment with the carbon floor prices proposed by the Government (this would effectively end the practice); (2) The current rates are valid and the installation of solar panels on all suitable roofs in Wirksworth would be welcome.

As an aid to evaluation, the sum of £1,645 was claimed for a Duck House by an MP, who then felt obliged to resign his seat.

It appears that current rates give householders a gift to the level of 0.75 Duck Houses per year.

Admission to the event is free. There will be a retiring collection for Christian Aid.

Dr EL Rutherford