Decision time for futuristic hotel

A DECISION on whether a futuristic hotel should be built in Cromford will be made at a meeting today.

In August, developers submitted an application to build a 51 bedroom hotel alongside the A6, half a mile south of Cromford.

The proposal outlined an environmentally-friendly build – which used geothermal energy for heating – with spa facilities, a 150 seat conference centre, cafe, bar and restaurant with extensive terraces and roof gardens.

If planning permission is granted, 30 full-time jobs will be made available to people in the local area as well as numerous construction jobs while the development is being built.

Architecht Richard Swain said: “We are all hopeful that we’ll be given the go-ahead for this hotel.

“The whole team have worked extremely hard on this project and we’ve jumped through a lot of hoops to get this far.”

Richard added that if planning permission is not granted then the developers will immediately appeal against the decision.

Public opinion has been divided on the Matlock Mercury’s Facebook page, though.

Kevin Gilbert said: “A futuristic hotel in the middle of a world heritage site? No thanks. The local area is dripping in history with the old mills and houses built by Sir Richard Arkwright.”

Debbie Steeples had her own concerns. She said: “Hang on, didn’t the New Bath Hotel go out of business a couple of miles away? [It’s success] depends what budget it is aimed at I guess.”

In support of the proposal, Mick Neale said: “Surely a new hotel would encourage even more tourists to spend even more money. Who knows it may even be a boost to the local shops at Cromford?”

The building is designed to be long and low, taking advantage of the linear site set between the A6, canal and railway.

Richard said: “While the proposed site is brownfield, it is still a world heritage site and we wanted to make as little impact on the surroundings as possible.”