DERBYSHIRE: Commissioner welcomes drink and drug driving initiative

Alan Charles, Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, has welcomed the start of the summer anti-drink and drug driving campaign targeting under 25s and day time drinkers, announced by ACPO last week.

“While the number of people killed or seriously injured when driving over the alcohol limit on Derbyshire’s road has reduced significantly over the last couple of decades, one accident is one too many,” he said.

“Driving under the influence of either drink or drugs is, quite simply, gambling with people’s lives - whether you are the driver, the passenger, other road user or pedestrian. The message I want to give to people is ‘don’t risk it, if you want to have a drink, don’t take the car’.

“There is no excuse for driving under the influence of drink or drugs and personally I welcome more people being tested because I think it will make the roads safer. If people aren’t breaking the law, they have nothing to worry about.

“I want to see fewer serious accidents on our roads and I would prefer not to see any caused by irresponsible people who believe that the law doesn’t apply to them.”