DERBYSHIRE: Cor blimey, what a scorcher!

Bakewell Carnival Parade
Bakewell Carnival Parade

Phwoar! What a scorcher!

Summer finally arrived in Derbyshire this week with sun-seekers baking in temperatures of nearly 30C.

And there’s more good news – forecasters say the sizzling summer weather looks set to last over the weekend.

Temperatures are expected to top 26C in Chesterfield today – making the town hotter than parts of Greece.

Young and old have been enjoying soaking up the rays and making the most of the glorious conditions which come on the back of several months of unseasonable weather.

Echoing the sentiments of many, Craig Twelves added: “It’s fantastic when I’m not at work.”

However, the beautiful weather hasn’t been good news for everyone – especially hay fever sufferers.

Simon Parker said: “It’s very nice but my hay fever is the worst it’s been in years.

“Down with pollen!”

Health chiefs have urged residents to keep cool by wearing loose cotton clothes, staying in the coolest rooms of the house as much as possible and drinking lots of cold drinks.

Dr Steve Lloyd, chair of NHS Hardwick and North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Groups, said: “In the UK, we often have to wait months on end for some decent weather. Therefore, it’s a real temptation to throw caution to the wind and spend too long outdoors when the temperature finally rises.

“However, we all need to be sensible to ensure that fun in the sun doesn’t end in the misery of heat exhaustion, heatstroke and sunburn.”