DERBYSHIRE DALES: £40,000 to be spent removing road signs

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Derbyshire County Council is planning to spend £40,000 on removing “unnecessary” road signs in the Dales.

While the council maintain that the move will improve road safety and save money in the long run, many have criticised the plans.

Anne Western, leader of the Derbyshire Labour group, believes the authority has its priorities wrong and should perhaps spend the money elsewhere – like mending potholes on Dales’ roads.

But Simon Spencer, cabinet member for highways and transport, maintains that the initiative will create “less confusion” on the roads and will save Derbyshire taxpayers money “in the long run”.

He said: “Many signs are lit, costing money. They have to be tested and maintained which all contributes to their cost.

“Signs which clutter the road have been causing problems for road users, as it can be quite challenging to take in all the information, so these need removing. And some signs are out of date.”

Derbyshire County Council is planning to spend £70,000 removing road signs across the whole of Derbyshire.

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