Derbyshire Dales District Council elections - latest results

These are the latest results from the Derbyshire Dales District Council elections.

The Conservatives retained control of Derbyshire Dales District Council at last week’s elections.

The Conservatives secured 28 seats, an increase of two from the 2007 elections.

The District Council is now made up as follows: Con 28, Lab 5, LD 4, Ind 1.

There are 15 new faces among the 39-member council, although one ward, Stanton, will not be contested until June.

The overall average turnout figure was 50.8%.

For further election coverage see this week’s Matlock Mercury.

Brailsford Ward

Alan Hodkinson - Independent 181

Angus Jenkins - Conservative 517 (Elected)

Lathkill and Bradford Ward

Mitchell Blythe - Conservative 349

David Frederickson - Independent 390 (Elected)

Winster and South Darley Ward

Colin Swindell - Labour 690 (Elected)

Rebecca Swindell - Conservative 187

Bradwell Ward

Christopher Furness - Independent 364

Janet Goodison - Conservative 430 (elected)

Tideswell Ward

Susan Barber - Liberal Democrats 244

Jennifer Bower - Conservative 338 (elected)

Lytton Page - Labour 157

Doveridge and Sudbury Ward

Katherine Brown - Labour 148

Albert Catt - Conservative 660 (elected)

Ashbourne North Ward

Stephen Bull - Conservative 785 (elected)

Anthony Millward - Conservative 673 (elected)

Robin Whyman - Labour 407

Bakewell Ward

Pamela Russell (Labour) 773

Philippa Tilbrook (Conservative) 1121 (elected)

Judith Twigg (Conservative) 1378 (elected)

Carol Walker (Conservative) 1245 (elected)

Wirksworth Ward

Susan Bull (Conservative) 517

Philip Cope (Conservative) 626

Irene Ratcliffe (Labour) 1293 (elected)

James Ratcliffe (Labour) 1023 (elected)

Peter Slack (Labour) 1048 (elected)

John Smith (Conservative) 474

Christopher Spencer (Green Party) 532

Josh Stockell (Green Party) 484

Ashbourne South

Thomas Donnelly (Conservative) 583 (elected)

Andrew Lewer (Conservative) 883 (elected)

Che Page (Labour) 464

Clifton and Bradley

Ian Bates (Independent) 326

Andrew Shirley (Conservative) 512 (elected)

John Swabey (UKIP) 86

Hathersage and Eyam

Jacqueline Bevan (Conservative) 962 (elected)

David Hoskin (Liberal Democrats) 359

Jean Monks (Conservative) 728 (elected)

Briony Robinson (Labour) 605

Valerie Robinson (Labour) 562

Anthony Tweeddale (Lib Dems) 352

Dovedale and Parwich

Richard Fitzherbert (Conservative) 594 (elected)

Eric Page (Labour) 181

Matlock St Giles

Sally Davies (Labour) 632

Stephen Flitter (Lib Dems) 950 (elected)

John Barry (Lib Dems) 670

Catrina Hopkinson (Lib Dems) 655

Simon Peters (Labour) 562

Jacqueline Stevens (Conservatives) 691 (elected)

Barrie Tipping (Conservatives) 716 (elected)

Richard Walsh (Conservative) 604

Darley Dale

Anthony Allwood (Lib Dem) 694

David Burton (Lib Dem) 729 (elected)

David Fearn (Lib Dem) 731 (elected)

Neil Macpherson (Conservatives) 610

Julie Morrison (Labour) 578

Fionntan Page (Labour) 554

Philip Graham (Labour) 512

Andrew Statham (Conservatives) 720 (elected)

Katherine Staves (Conservative) 688


Bob Cartwright (Lab) 571 - elected

Peter Hume (Con) 566

Garry Purdy (Con) 593 - elected

Nick Whitehead (Lab) 534

Matlock All Saints

David Barker (LIb Dem) 789

Andrew Botham (Labour) 709

Susan Burfoot (Lib Dem) 931 (elected)

Ann Elliott (Conservative) 796 (elected)

Samual Gregory (Conservative) 730

David Jones (Lib Dem) 715

Geoff Stevens (Conservative) 808 (elected)


Cate Hunt (Conservative) - elected unopposed

Carsington Water

Lewis Rose (Conservative) - elected unopposed


Michael Longden (Conservative) - elected unopposed


Richard Bright (Conservative) - elected unopposed

Litton and Longstone

Neil Horton (Conservative) - elected unopposed


Kenneth Bull (Conservative) - elected unopposed


Due to be contested in June