DERBYSHIRE DALES: Region welcomes heroes of Chernobyl disaster

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NEWS: News.

TWO Chernobyl witnesses from the Ukraine will be staying in Bonsall for a week as part of the European Action Weeks 2013 Programme organised by Chernobyl Charities all over Europe.

The Bonsall & Derbyshire Dales Link of Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline is taking part in this programme.

One of the Chernobyl Witnesses is Yuri Ivanov, a respected Radiobiologist and Radioecologist and father of Ken Ivanov, a resident of Bonsall living in Uppertown.

Yuri was at the stricken power station two after the explosion having been summoned from Moscow.

He has spent most of his life studying the impacts of this horrendous accident on the environment including the impacts on the soil and on agricultural farming in Ukraine.

Yuri and another Chernobyl witness will be giving talks about their experiences and stories relating to Chernobyl and how their lives and families have been affected by this event.

One of these talks will be given at the Imperial Rooms in Matlock on Thursday evening 18th April at 7.30pm. Entry is free and there will be refreshments available.

There will also be a candle vigil service to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the disaster and all those who have suffered and those who are still suffering today in the aftermath of the world’s worst nuclear accident.

The candle vigil will be held at Holy Trinity church, Matlock Bath on Thursday April 24 starting at 7.45pm. The Bishop of Repton will be present along with other dignitaries invited such as the Mayors of Matlock and Wirksworth and the two Heroes of Chernobyl.

On the Order of Service there will be Readings from the book Voiced from Chernobyl, musicians from Highfields School and the lighting of the candles to form a radiation symbol inside the church which will take place simultaneously at 8pm British Summer Time all over Europe as a key activity of the European Action Programme.