DERBYSHIRE DALES: Traders say council is ‘out of touch’ with the High Streets

Sean Buff Matlock town team car parking representative.
Sean Buff Matlock town team car parking representative.

Traders in Matlock have branded Derbyshire Dales District Council as “out of touch” with the High Street following plans to increase parking charges in the area.

Members of Matlock Town Team believe increasing parking charges will “threaten” the viability of businesses in the Derbyshire Dales as much needed shoppers will be deterred by the inflated rates.

Sean Buff, parking representative for Matlock Town Team said: “There has been a lot of focus recently, by both Government and the media, on the problems affecting our High Streets. So proposing to increase income from car parking charges, thereby reducing visitor numbers and trade, proves the Council is seriously out of touch.”

The team are also concerned how increased charges will effect the existing parking problems on Smedley Street and the surrounding residential roads of Knowleston Place.

A Derbyshire Dales District Council spokesperson said the aim of the review is to maintain income at £2.5 million a year as it plays a “huge part” in meeting the cost of the 6.9 million yearly visitors to the Dales

“At least two of the car park review recommendations – new short-stay prices for our town centre car parks and a flat rate £1 charge from 6pm to 6am – will boost trade,” the spokesperson added.