DERBYSHIRE: Does this jewellery belong to you?

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Jewellery owners are being asked whether they can help police identify items they believe could have been stolen by burglars.

West Midlands Police have recently arrested three men following the recovery of dozens of items of suspected stolen jewellery in Birmingham.

Detectives believe some of the jewellery could have been taken from homes in Derbyshire and they are asking people to look at this photo and ring in if they recognise any of the pieces.

Officers became suspicious when they learnt that the same man was visiting a gold merchant in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter several times a week to weigh in damaged items of gold jewellery.

Officers went to the Hockley shop as three men visited the jewellers on September 2 with more items for sale – which police believe may have been stolen in recent burglaries.

Police arrested the men, aged 23, 23 and 32, on suspicion of burglary. They have been questioned and released on bail pending further inquiries.

DC Richard Simpson, from Force CID in Birmingham, is investigating. He said: “Information from the jeweller leads us to believe that the items that have been offered for sale have been deliberately damaged in a bid to make them less recognisable.

“This leads us to believe that it may have been stolen during recent burglaries – but as yet we have not been able to pair up the recovered gold with its possible owners.

“We urge anyone who has been the victim of theft or burglary recently and who recognises the recovered items to give us a call as soon as possible.”

If you believe the recovered jewellery may belong to you, contact DC Richard Simpson, of the acquisitive crime team of Force CID in Birmingham, by dialing 101.