Derbyshire housing fears promp letter to PM and Prince

NEWS: News.
NEWS: News.

Concerned residents who fear their village will be swallowed up by unnecessary housing developments have called for help from both the Prime Minister and Prince Charles.

In a desperate attempt to stop Wessington from becoming “overdeveloped”, Mavis and Mark Bradley have written to David Cameron and His Royal Highness, asking for them to help. The pair, who live in Brackfield Lane, Brackenfield, took the step after see an increase in the number of houses built in the village.

Mavis said: “Wessington is a village which has been here since the middle ages and which the additional expansion of housing which they are going for, there would be about 158 new residents.That would increase the size of the village by half again but the facilities will not have changed.”

She said the local primary school was already struggling to cope with the number of children it had and the dentist and doctors’ surgeries in neighbouring Crich and Matlock were also full to the brim. Mavis added that if Wessington kept on expanding it would soon be unrecognisablen from the small village it once was.

“If we keep on building on our green fields what are we going to leave for our grandchidlren?” she said.