Derbyshire: Increase in number of cyclists seriously injured on county roads

Pontefract's first Cycling Grand Prix - Elite Mens Race. (P576P431)
Pontefract's first Cycling Grand Prix - Elite Mens Race. (P576P431)

The number of cyclists seriously injured on Derbyshire roads has increased by over 20 per cent during the last ten years, figures reveal.

Statistics have shown that in 2003, 39 cyclists were killed or seriously injured on the roads in Derbyshire, while in 2013 this number had risen to 51.

The figures also show that out of 378 fatal and serious casualties on roads in in the county in 2013, only 103 were car drivers - 26 of those were young car users aged 17-25 - and 50 were passengers.

Last year 51 pedal cyclists and 89 motorcyclists were seriosuly injured.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council said: “We’re looking at ways to help adult cyclists stay safe on our roads.

“We’re planning to introduce discounted adult cycle training in Erewash, Amber Valley, Chesterfield and Bolsover. If this pilot scheme is successful, we hope to offer the training across the whole county.”

In total, 3,136 people were killed, seriously injured or slightly injured on the roads in Derbyshire last year with car users making up 2,071 of these.

Data shows the number of people killed or seriosuly injured on our roads has reduced since 2003.

The spokesman said their goal was to help all road users stay safe.

He added: “We know that getting road users from different groups to look out for each other has an important role to play in making our roads safer.

“ For example, we encourage drivers to look twice for bikes and pedestrians. We’ll also continue to educate people about the ‘fatal four’ which significantly increase a driver’s chances of being involved in a crash - speeding, using a mobile while driving, failing to wear a seatbelt and drink or drug driving.”

There were also 307 pedestrian and 94 public service vehicles involved in casualties last year.