Derbyshire life savers receive the royal seal of approval

Frontline ambulance crews in Derbyshire have received royal recognition for their life saving work.

The recognition extended not just to workers of East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) but also to volunteer community first responders who support the work of the ambulance service by providing care to people, often in rural areas.

The Queens’ Diamond Jubilee medal is being presented in a series of events for local ambulance personnel currently taking place across the East Midlands. Each recipient has given a minimum of six years service ‘on the

frontline’ attending 999 emergencies.

“Our staff and volunteers are highly skilled and do a great job across the East Midlands. We look after 4.8million

local people as well as visitors to the region - we get a 999 call every 45 seconds on average,” said EMAS chief

executive Phil Milligan.

“So it is wonderful that our people are receiving Royal recognition for what they do so well. I know that they will each receive and wear their medal with pride, and rightly so.”