Derbyshire man’s 68 years of accident-free driving

90 year old driver George Eyre.
90 year old driver George Eyre.

When George Eyre first started driving there was no motoring test, no motorway and route planning was via a map book.

The driving test was introduced five years later and as one of its success stories, George has gone on to clock up an incredible 68 years of accident-free motoring.

He’s now ten years off his 100th birthday - and still driving. These days, however, the trips are a lot shorter than the 400 miles he used to drive to see his in-laws in Aberdeen.

“I still enjoy driving,” said George, a retired press photographer, of Stirland Street, Codnor. “I’ve got good eyesight - I get my eyes checked every year and if I thought they weren’t up to it, or I hadn’t got the confidence to carry on driving, I’d pack it in.

“I don’t call myself a great driver but I try to keep a clean sheet.”

Apart from a blip 15 years ago when he was caught driving at 37mph in a 30 mph zone, George’s motoring has been trouble-free. “I’ve never been in an accident,” he said.”

George believes the key to driving is experience: “You only learn about driving when you are on the road,” he said.

Figures released by Derbyshire County Council this week shows that 17 percent of motorists who were killed or seriously injured last year were aged 70 or over. Casualties in this age group have increased at a faster pace than any other since 2005-2009.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Following the rise in road deaths and serious injuries involving older drivers, we’re taking a close look at what causes the crashes involving this group.

“We’re looking at ways to help drivers aged 70 and over stay safe on our roads.”

The council already offers safety advice to older drivers through its free magazine issued to 175,000 Gold Card holders.

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