Derbyshire mum calls for trick or treating ban after stranger tries to lure daughter to car with sweets

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A Derbyshire mum has called for a ban on trick or treating after her daughter was approached by a stranger.

The mum, who did not wish to be named, said her 11-year-old daughter was approached by a man who claimed to have treats in his car.

She said: “Last year my daughter was trick or treating with a few of her friends just up and down a few roads near our house.

“She was with a group of friends and they were told to stay in a group and not go too far. They were also given a curfew, so I didn’t think there was a need to worry.

“However, she came back and told me that a man had approached the group and told her that if she followed him to his car he could give her sweets – which he claimed were stored inside.

“Luckily I have taught her to be wary of strangers so she refused and the man left the group alone. I’m not sure if he was a real threat or was genuine, but it scared my daughter. I want her to have fun but not at the risk of her health or welfare.

“I would like a ban on trick or treating or tough restrictions at the very least – a few sweets aren’t worth it,” added the mum, who lives in Ripley.

A spokesman for Derbyshire police said: “Young children who are going out to trick or treat should be accompanied by an adult and they should call at houses where they know the occupants, rather than those of strangers.

“Although trick or treating can be fun for some, it can cause a great deal anxiety and distress for other people.”