DERBYSHIRE MURDER TRIAL: Smoke inhalation killed little Ruby-Grace in mum's arms

The trial after the blaze which killed three in Langley Mill continues at Nottingham Crown Court
The trial after the blaze which killed three in Langley Mill continues at Nottingham Crown Court

"Get ready, we're going out," a dad told his son before setting a blaze which killed two teenagers and a baby in Derbyshire, a court has heard.

Nottingham Crown Court heard further evidence today (Wednesday) in the trial of a father and two sons charged with murdering three people in a house fire in Derbyshire.

Peter Eyre, 44, Anthony Eyre, 22, and Simon Eyre, 24, of Central Avenue, Sandiacre, deny three counts of murder in relation to the deaths of Amy Smith, 17, her six-month-old daughter Ruby-Grace Gaunt and friend Ed Green, 17, at her North Street flat.

And as fire investigators revealed the victims' movements through the house it emerged that after wading through smoke, that Ed died as a combination of smoke inhalation and the heat of the fire, and Any died with Ruby-Grace 'partially in her arms'.

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The fire which killed them was allegedly set by all three Eyre's after they had taken steps to prepare, including making a stop for 'reconnaissance' and travelling in Peter Eyre's black Skoda to collect his oldest son – Simon Eyre denies being present that night.

Prosecuting counsel James House QC said the Skoda was seen at his then residence in Long Eaton three times, 'once for the recon trip' and twice more to procure petrol and collect Simon before setting the fire on June 21 last year.

The jury heard covert recordings featuring Simon Eyre discussing petrol, after the accused are alleged to have siphoned fuel from his bike that night to set the blaze.

While in custody, Mr House alleged that Simon Eyre said to his girlfriend, Sophie Smith: "As far as I know you can't see how they can match my...(recording inaudible).

"Petrol is petrol, it's mixed the ****ing same, innit (sic)"

Mr House added, noting the theme of petrol in numerous conversations: "Simon Eyre's anxiety in that exchange is obvious."

Sophie Smith gave evidence that Simon had no idea of the deaths.

"According to Sophie, Simon Eyre only learnt about the deaths that morning on Facebook," the prosecutor said.

"Upon learning about that he said to Sophie he wished he hadn't gone out that night with his dad."

It's alleged that father Peter Eyre commanded his oldest son to go with them, as the prosecution told the court he called his son and said: "Get ready, we're going out".

All three defendants have now also been indicted for the new additional, alternative charges of manslaughter, and Anthony Eyre has pleaded guilty to the deaths without intent to kill.

The trial continues.