Derbyshire Police do their bit for Olympic games

With just 67 days until the start of the London 2012 Games, Derbyshire Constabulary has been working with national colleagues to help resource what will be the largest ever pre-planned policing operation.

Overseen by assistant commissioner Chris Allison, the National Olympic Security Coordinator, 52 forces have worked together to resource the 105–day long national policing, which begins on June 4 and runs until September 16.

Derbyshire Constabulary will support the operation by providing officers to assist for a total of 101 days. Final planning for their deployments is under way, but the majority of officers will assist the Metropolitan Police and Dorset Police, which have the largest Games operations.

The commitment of the force varies each day, ranging from a maximum of around 101 officers to as low as just one officer on other days.

In total, but not on one day, around 253 individual officers from Derbyshire Constabulary will be deployed to contribute to keeping the games safe and secure.

While the majority of officers travelling to police the games are general beat officers, providing their usual professional service and working alongside the public, there is also a requirement for some specialist skilled officers to assist.

Derbyshire Constabulary’s will be lending its expertise by supplying protection officers, firearms specialists, dog handlers, search teams and public order trained officers as well as beat officers to assist with this complex operation.

Derbyshire Constabulary has adopted a range of measures to maximise the number of officers available to assist with the Games but also to continue policing across the force area.