Derbyshire pupils have been inspired by an engineering trip to Rolls Royce HQ

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A group of teenage pupils from Highfields School enjoyed a trip to the Rolls Royce headquarters to learn about science and engineering.

The trip was part of the Open Industry scheme  run by the Engineering Development Trust aimed at inspiring youngsters into science and engineering careers,

Around 30 13 and 14 year-olds from the Matlock school made the most of an opportunity to visit the car manufacturer in Derby on Friday, January 15. 
Highfields’ science department organised a visit to the Rolls Royce Training and Apprentices Centre. 

The students were looked after by four graduates who are currently taking part in the graduate training programme.

The day began with a short presentation and video about Rolls Royce.

The students learnt about design, development, build, sales and marketing, and the aftermarket.  

This was followed by a visit to the Rolls Royce Heritage Centre, where students took part in a quiz about the history of the manufacturer and saw how the engines have developed, including the Merlin engine and a Silver Ghost Rolls Royce.

There was also a visit to the Apprentice Training Centre where the students were given the chance to speak to some apprentices about their training.

In the afternoon students got to get more hands on and design, build and test a balloon propelled plane. 

The day ended with a session talking about science, technology, engineering and maths (also known as STEM) careers and where these skills and interests could lead them in the future.

Head of science, Charlotte Morgan, said: “Our students came away from the trip extremely enthusiastic about engineering having enjoyed a first class experience at one of Britain’s leading manufacturers.

“They have been really inspired by this opportunity.”