Derbyshire: Serious pollution reduced

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NEWS: News.

A water company has reported that the number of serious pollution incidents in the area has reduced by nearly a third over the last year.

Severn Trent Water claims the standard of the water coming out of sewage treatment works into local watercourses is better than ever.

Simon Cocks, waste water director from Severn Trent, said: “We want our activities to protect and enhance the rivers, lakes and streams across our region, and we’re pleased to say that the waters are now in a better condition than at any time since the industrial revolution. I’m also pleased to announce that Severn Trent Water has received the highest plaudit possible, with a four star rating from the Environment Agency.

“That’s as good as it gets and it’s recognition of the great work we’ve done to reduce pollutions and manage sewerage.

“This rating puts us proudly at the top of the table ahead of all other water and waste companies in the UK on this front. Of course we recognise the need for continued improvement, and there are still things that we need to change and do better as environmental targets get tougher.”