Derbyshire: Several firearms handed in for amnesty

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Editorial image

Police have already received several weapons and ammunition as part of a guns amnesty declared by the force last week.

Shotguns, air weapons, BB guns, starting pistols and several hundred rounds of ammunition have already been given to Derbyshire police as part of the gun surrender campaign, which continues until tomorrow.

As part of the campaign, the police also released a video of a real Glock 17 handgun next to a BB gun fashioned as a Glock imitation in order to show poeple how realistic immitation weapons can be.

Viewers were asked to decide which one was the real gun, and the answer has been revealed in a follow–up video.

Inspector Jay Ashley said: “Gun crime is low across Derbyshire and has been dropping year–on–year for the past decade. A large part of that is down to surrender campaigns such as this, and the videos we have released are helping raise awareness of it.

“If someone sees a person carrying a toy like a BB gun out in the street, they will not be able to tell if it is real or not.”

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