Derbyshire skywatchers set for stunning Northern Lights display

The Northern Lights.
The Northern Lights.

Skywatchers across Derbyshire could be treated to a stunning display of the Northern Lights tonight.

Huge amounts of magnetically-charged particles are hurtling into space towards Earth after two massive explosions on the Sun.

Known as Coronal Mass Ejection, these particles can light the night sky with many different colours, including green, pink, red, blue and yellow.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “To view the Northern Lights you are best finding a dark place away from street lights.

“You will need a cloud-free sky and although there will be some cloud and localised fog patches around this Friday night there should also be some clear skies too so there is a chance of catching a glimpse of the lights.

“Your best chance of sighting them will be around midnight.”

• If you capture the Northern Lights on camera, email