DERBYSHIRE: Snow chaos for travellers and residents

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NEWS: News.

PERSISTENT heavy snowfall this morning, Saturday, March 23, has coated the region and forced major traffic disruptions, made travel dangerous and threatened organised events.

Shock snow arrived in the early hours of Friday, March 22, and as temperatures plummeted an evening downpour has continued into today and is likely to continue with people being warned to not go out unless it is absolutely necessary.

Forecaster have predicted snow will continue through the afternoon with a strong easterly wind and temperatures struggling to get above freezing. Downfalls are expected to ease by the end of tonight with drier and brightening conditions tomorrow, Sunday, March 24, with more snow flurries during the coming week.

Chesterfield FC’s home game against Plymouth today has also been postponed.

The main traffic problems include closures on the Snake Pass and Woodhead Pass with major problems on the A6 Derby Road, Tapton, and the A61 with blockages.

Other traffic problems reported include the following:

A53 Buxton Road Leek, both ways between A523 Springfield Road and A54 Macclesfield Main Road

A53 Staffordshire - A53 Buxton Road closed between the A523 Springfield Road junction in Leek and the A54 Macclesfield Main Road junction in Buxton, because of snow.

A54 Bosley, both ways between A523 and A537 Cat & Fiddle Road

A54 Cheshire - A54 closed between Bosley Crossroads in Bosley and Buxton, because of snow.

A57 Snake Pass Glossop, both ways between Hurst Road and A6013

A57 Derbyshire - A57 Snake Pass closed between Royal Oak Inn, Glossop in Glossop and Ladybower Reservoir in Bamford, because of snow.

A61 Derby Road Tupton, both ways at Nethermoor Road

A61 Derbyshire - A61 Derby Road in Tupton blocked and delays at the Nethermoor Road junction, because of snow and stranded vehicles.

A515 Buxton Road Buxton, both ways between B5059 Dale Road and A5012

A515 Derbyshire - A515 Buxton Road blocked between the B5059 Dale Road junction in Buxton and the A5012 junction in Newhaven, because of snow.

A537 Cat & Fiddle Road Macclesfield, both ways between Bull-Hill-Lane and A54

A537 Cheshire - A537 Cat & Fiddle Road closed between the Bull-Hill-Lane junction in Macclesfield and the A54 junction in Buxton, because of snow.

A628 Woodhead Pass Mottram in Longdendale, both ways between A57 Mottram Moor and A616

A628 Greater Manchester - A628 Woodhead Pass closed between Gun Inn Traffic Lights in Mottram in Longdendale and Flouch Roundabout in Langsett, because of snow.

A5270 Chelmorton, both ways between A515 and A6

A5270 Derbyshire - A5270 in Chelmorton closed between the A515 junction and the A6 junction, because of snow.

A6024 Woodhead / Holme Moss Road Holmfirth, both ways between A635 Greenfield Road and A628 Woodhead Pass

A6024 West Yorkshire - A6024 Woodhead / Holme Moss Road closed between the A635 Greenfield Road junction in Holmfirth and the A628 Woodhead Pass junction in High Peak, because of snow.

Traffic IncidentsM1 M1 Leicestershire, both ways at Donnington Park Services

M1 Leicestershire - No fuel available on M1 at Donnington Park Services.

A61 Chesterfield, both ways at A619 Rother Way

A61 Derbyshire - A61 in Chesterfield partially blocked and delays at the A619 Rother Way junction, because of recovery work and an obstruction on the road.

A514 Main Street Ticknall, both ways between Repton Road and B5006 High Street

A514 Derbyshire - Hazardous driving conditions on A514 Main Street in Ticknall between the Repton Road junction and the B5006 High Street junction, because of snow.

A515 Terrace Road Buxton, both ways at A53 Station Road

A515 Derbyshire - Traffic congestion on A515 Terrace Road in Buxton around the A53 Station Road junction.

B6060 Ryton Road Anston, both ways at A57 Worksop Road

B6060 South Yorkshire - B6060 Ryton Road in Anston partially blocked at Anston Crossroads, because of an accident and snow.

Traffic IncidentsChander Hill Lane Chander Hill Lane Holymoorside, both ways between A619 Baslow Road and Gallery Lane

Derbyshire - Chander Hill Lane in Holymoorside blocked in both directions between the A619 Baslow Road junction and the Gallery Lane junction, because of snow and a jackknifed lorry.

Traffic IncidentsM1 M1 Leicestershire, northbound between A50 Derby [M1 junction 24A] and A52 Nottingham [M1 junction 25]

M1 Leicestershire - Delays earlier on M1 northbound between J24a, A50 (Derby) and J25, A52 (Nottingham).

A38 Alfreton, northbound between B600 and M1 J28

A38 Derbyshire - Delays earlier on A38 northbound in Alfreton between the B600 junction and Alfreton.