DERBYSHIRE: Special machine to fix county’s potholes

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A specialist ‘jetpatcher’ machine is making its way around Derbyshire as part of a £824,000 county council project to fix potholes.

The jetpatcher uses a high-velocity air stream to clear existing holes of any debris and water as well as laying and compacting new asphalt.

It is part of a project to bring in external contractors to help Derbyshire County Council clear the backlog of urgent repairs caused by flooding and winter weather.

Highways chief Councillor Simon Spencer said: “We know decent roads are important to local people.

“The number of potholes reported by the public and noted on routine inspections continues to rise.

“That’s why we’re investing £824,000 to hire in extra resources and bring our roads back into a good state-of-repair.”

The county council looks after around 3,500 miles of roads and pavements.

It was given £1.8m by the Government to add to its £22 million budget for road maintenance this year.

And it was being given £4m in Government cash over the next two years.

The current project to tackle potholes is being funded using the council’s financial reserves.