Derbyshire students enjoy A level success – SCHOOL UPDATES

Jake Hawkes, Tom thickett, Ben Marper, Ellie Lee and Jack Wragg, A Level students at Eckington School, collect their results.
Jake Hawkes, Tom thickett, Ben Marper, Ellie Lee and Jack Wragg, A Level students at Eckington School, collect their results.

The big day has finally arrived – students across Derbyshire are finding out their A level results.

Schools have been contacting us to say how they’ve got on – keep checking this page throughout the day.

Tupton Hall School, Chesterfield

It was a record year for Tupton Hall whose students achieved an exceptional pass rate of 99.24 per cent – the highest in the school’s history. “It has been a truly remarkable year,” said Charlotte Burton, head of post 16 at Tupton Hall. “The students demonstrated a fantastic attitude towards their learning – they showed commitment to their studies and have been rewarded with an outstanding set of results. The school is very proud of them.”

Jem Akpinar Media Studies C

Anna Aldred Biology B

Anna Aldred Law A

Anna Aldred Mathematics B

Ross Allen Biology C

Ross Allen Mathematics A

Ross Allen Physics A

Luke Almond Chemistry D

Luke Almond Further Mathematics C

Luke Almond Mathematics ALuke Almond Physics B

Misha Armstrong Dance B

Misha Armstrong Media Studies B

Misha Armstrong Psychology B

Alexander Avis Economics A

Alexander Avis History B

Alexander Avis Psychology B

James Bacon Spanish D

Laura Bacon Dance C

Laura Bacon Law C

Luke Barnett Chemistry D

Luke Barnett Economics B

Luke Barnett Mathematics B

Joshua Barsley Further Mathematics B

Joshua Barsley Mathematics A*

Joshua Barsley Physics B

George Beard Economics A*

George Beard History A*

George Beard Law A*

Lauren Beeson Health and Social Care Single C

Lauren Beeson Law A*

Lauren Beeson Psychology B

Amy Bexton English Language C

Amy Bexton Media Studies B

Jack Bingham Business Single B

Jack Bingham Product Design D

Lauren Binns History D

Lauren Binns Law B

Lauren Binns Psychology D

Laura Bladon German D

Laura Bladon History D

Laura Bladon Psychology B

Katie Bonsor Geography A

Katie Bonsor Physical Education A

Katie Bonsor Sociology A

Melissa Booker Biology E

Georgia Booth English Literature D

Georgia Booth History C

Georgia Booth Law A

Chloe Bradbury Art A*

Chloe Bradbury Geography A*

Chloe Bradbury Product Design B

Molly Brailsford History A*

Molly Brailsford Media Studies A

Molly Brailsford Psychology A

Sarah Briggs Further Mathematics E

Sarah Briggs History D

Sarah Briggs Law B

Sarah Briggs Mathematics B

Jak Bunting Business Single C

Jak Bunting Law C

Jak Bunting Physical Education E

Abbie Buxton Art B

Abbie Buxton Psychology B

Libby Canning English Language C

Libby Canning Health and Social Care Single C

Libby Canning Sociology C

Harriet Card Economics A*

Harriet Card Further Mathematics A

Harriet Card Mathematics A*

Kimberley Cartwright Art B

Kimberley Cartwright Psychology C

Mei Kei Chan Chinese E

Mei Kei Chan Law C

Mei Kei Chan Psychology C

Mei Kei Chan Sociology C

Jack Chapman Business Single B

Jack Chapman Economics D

Jade Chapman Art B

Jade Chapman English Language A

Jade Chapman English Literature A

Hayley Cheung Biology A

Hayley Cheung Chemistry A

Hayley Cheung Psychology A

Dominic Clapham Law B

Dominic Clapham Media Studies C

Megan Clark Drama C

Megan Clark English Literature C

Megan Clark Media Studies B

Sophie Coburn Law B

Megan Cole Health and Social Care Single C

Megan Cole Law B

Megan Cole Psychology C

Dominic Collins Business Single D

Dominic Collins History C

Dominic Collins Media Studies B

Matthew Cook History C

Matthew Cook Law B

Matthew Cook Psychology C

Samantha Cooke English Language B

Samantha Cooke Law A

Samantha Cooke Psychology C

Sophie Corker Dance A

Sophie Corker Drama A*

Sophie Corker Further Mathematics B

Sophie Corker Mathematics A*

Harry Cornish Biology B

Harry Cornish Mathematics A

Harry Cornish Physics B

Patrick Coyne Mathematics C

Patrick Coyne Music D

Patrick Coyne Physics E

Zaylie Crowe Drama C

Zaylie Crowe History B

Zaylie Crowe Psychology B

Thomas Cullen English Literature B

Thomas Cullen History B

Thomas Cullen Law A

Emily Dackiewicz Art A

Emily Dackiewicz Media Studies A

Emily Dackiewicz Psychology A*

Caitlin Davidson Economics D

Caitlin Davidson Psychology B

Caitlin Davidson Sociology B

Holly Davies English Literature B

Holly Davies History B

Holly Davies Law C

Helena Du-Roe Geography B

Helena Du-Roe Physical Education D

Jasmin Evans Business Single C

Jasmin Evans Law C

Jasmin Evans Sociology C

Hollie Fisher Geography B

Hollie Fisher History C

Lucy Flint English Literature C

Lucy Flint History B

Lucy Flint Sociology B

Nathan Flint Mathematics D

Dominic Foster English Language C

Dominic Foster Psychology B

Dominic Foster Sociology B

Paulina Frize Art B

Paulina Frize Polish D

Paulina Frize Travel & Tourism Single C

Bethany Goodwin Geography C

Bethany Goodwin Physical Education E

Bethany Goodwin Psychology C

Sophie Goodwin English Literature C

Sophie Goodwin History C

Sophie Goodwin Psychology D

Sinead Goss Business Single C

Sinead Goss Psychology D

Adam Grainger Art A

Adam Grainger English Language C

Adam Grainger ICT D

Chelsie Greaves History C

Chelsie Greaves Sociology B

Daniel Green Chemistry C

Daniel Green Mathematics C

Daniel Green Physics C

Ryan Gregory Business Single A*

Ryan Gregory History B

Ryan Gregory ICT C

Alysha Griffin Art B

Alysha Griffin English Language D

Alysha Griffin Psychology E

Sian Griffiths Art B

Sian Griffiths History C

Sian Griffiths Mathematics C

Catherine Halford Biology B

Catherine Halford Chemistry B

Catherine Halford Law A*

Charlotte Hall English Language B

Charlotte Hall English Literature B

Charlotte Hall Music B

Kennedy Hamer-Kiwacz Law A*

Kennedy Hamer-Kiwacz Media Studies A

Kennedy Hamer-Kiwacz Sociology A*

Isabel Hampson Art A

Isabel Hampson Drama B

Isabel Hampson History A

Isabel Hampson Mathematics B

Joseph Hardy Mathematics D

Joseph Hardy Physics D

Joseph Hardy Product Design D

Lucy Harris English Language A

Lucy Harris English Literature B

Lucy Harris History C

Jonathan Hawkins Physics U

Daniel Haynes Economics E

Daniel Haynes ICT D

Daniel Haynes Media Studies B

Mitchell Heath Chemistry C

Mitchell Heath Mathematics C

Mitchell Heath Physics C

Jessica Hickton English Literature C

Callum Hind Business Single B

Callum Hind English Language B

Callum Hind Media Studies A

Kathryn Hollis Biology A

Kathryn Hollis Chemistry B

Kathryn Hollis Mathematics A

Sophie Holt History A

Sophie Holt Law A*

Sophie Holt Psychology B

Edward Hook Business Single D

Edward Hook English Language C

Edward Hook Law D

Amy Hopkinson Media Studies B

Amy Hopkinson Physical Education E

Amy Hopkinson Psychology D

Tyler Hopkinson English Language B

Tyler Hopkinson Media Studies B

Tyler Hopkinson Sociology B

Daniel Hurst Psychology D

Harry Jackson Business Single C

Harry Jackson Media Studies B

Harry Jackson Physical Education E

Timothy Jackson Business Single C

Timothy Jackson ICT E

Rachael Johnson Art A

Rachael Johnson Psychology B

Rachael Johnson Sociology A

Ryan Keeling Business Single A*

Ryan Keeling Geography A*

Ryan Keeling Law A*

Eleanor King Economics A

Eleanor King Mathematics A

Eleanor King Psychology A

Bojena Kyurkchieva English Literature B

Bojena Kyurkchieva Law A

Bojena Kyurkchieva Spanish B

Emma Laird Travel & Tourism Single A

Jack Laird Chemistry D

Jack Laird Further Mathematics C

Jack Laird Mathematics C

Jorjah Langthorp Business Single B

Jorjah Langthorp English Language B

Jorjah Langthorp Media Studies B

Oliver Law Business Single D

Oliver Law Geography D

Oliver Law Media Studies C

Guy Lawrence Geography B

Guy Lawrence Mathematics B

Guy Lawrence Physics C

Ria Leslie English Language C

Ria Leslie Health and Social Care Single C

Ria Leslie Psychology D

Kyle Lewis Business Single B

Kyle Lewis Psychology C

Danielle Lockwood Geography E

Danielle Lockwood Health and Social Care Single E

Danielle Lockwood Sociology D

David Lovell Economics B

David Lovell History A

David Lovell Psychology A

Bethan Lowry-Fields Art B

Bethan Lowry-Fields English Literature B

Bethan Lowry-Fields History A

Elizabeth Marshall English Language A

Elizabeth Marshall Geography A

Elizabeth Marshall Psychology B

Alice Martin Law B

Alice Martin Media Studies C

Alice Martin Physical Education D

John McConnachie Travel & Tourism Single C

Jack McDonald History C

Jack McDonald Physical Education B

Jack McDonald Sociology B

Laura Mercer Health and Social Care Single C

Eleanor Middleton English Literature D

Eleanor Middleton Geography B

Eleanor Middleton Product Design E

Anna Mildenhall Business Single B

Anna Mildenhall English Literature C

Anna Mildenhall Sociology A

Sally Milner Law A

Sally Milner Mathematics E

Sally Milner Psychology B

Hollie Minney Biology B

Hollie Minney English Language A

Hollie Minney Sociology A

Benjamin Mitchell Economics A

Benjamin Mitchell English Literature B

Benjamin Mitchell History A*

Nathan Mullen Biology E

Nathan Mullen Law A

Nathan Mullen Sociology A

Daniella Mulvey Drama B

Daniella Mulvey English Literature C

Daniella Mulvey History A*

Sarah Musgrove Art C

Sarah Musgrove Psychology E

Robert Nicholson Geography E

Amy Norman Art A

Amy Norman English Language E

Charlotte Nutt Biology C

Charlotte Nutt History A*

Charlotte Nutt Law A*

Charlotte Nutt Mathematics B

Mary-Beth Owen English Language A

Mary-Beth Owen English Literature A

Mary-Beth Owen History A

Thomas Owen Mathematics D

Thomas Owen Physics E

Thomas Parkinson Biology D

Thomas Parkinson Physical Education C

Thomas Parkinson Psychology D

Lauren Parmley English Literature C

Lauren Parmley History C

Lauren Parmley Psychology B

Aaron Parsons English Literature C

Aaron Parsons Physical Education E

Aaron Parsons Psychology C

Dominic Paulucci Biology A

Dominic Paulucci Psychology A

Chloe Pickering Art A

Chloe Pickering English Language C

Chloe Pickering Psychology B

Chloe Pickering Travel & Tourism Single B

Michael Pickering Further Mathematics C

Michael Pickering History B

Michael Pickering Mathematics A

Michael Pickering Physics B

Zachary Pitchford English Language A

Zachary Pitchford English Literature A*

Zachary Pitchford Psychology A

Natasha Portsmouth Business Single A

Natasha Portsmouth Mathematics C

Natasha Portsmouth Psychology A

Adam Preece History C

Adam Preece Product Design D

Mitchell Richmond Biology U

Mitchell Richmond English Literature D

Mitchell Richmond Law D

Sarah Riggott Art A*

Sarah Riggott French A

Sarah Riggott Sociology B

Lucy Robinson Dance B

Lucy Robinson Geography A

Lucy Robinson Psychology B

Samuel Rowan German E

Samuel Rowan Law C

Samuel Rowan Physical Education D

Antonia Salt Health and Social Care Single C

Antonia Salt Law B

Antonia Salt Media Studies B

Nicola Samples English Language B

Nicola Samples English Literature A

Nicola Samples Media Studies C

Lauren Sas Business Single C

Lauren Sas Health and Social Care Single D

Lauren Sas Law B

Jack Savage English Language C

Jack Savage English Literature C

Jack Savage Law A

Rebecca Scott English Language A

Rebecca Scott Media Studies B

Rebecca Scott Spanish C

Connor Smith Geography U

Connor Smith Law E

Faye Smith Art A

Faye Smith Biology B

Faye Smith Product Design C

Lauren Smith Sociology B

Thomas Soppitt Psychology D

Thomas Soppitt Travel & Tourism Single B

Heather Spencer English Language C

Heather Spencer Sociology C

David Spendlove Biology D

David Spendlove Economics A

David Spendlove Physical Education C

Jade Squires Travel & Tourism Single B

Tamsin Stacey Law B

Chloe Steele English Language B

Chloe Steele Health and Social Care Single C

Chloe Steele Law A

Daniel Stott Biology B

Daniel Stott Chemistry C

Daniel Stott Mathematics C

Daniel Stott Physics C

Dayna Straker Art D

Dayna Straker English Literature C

Dayna Straker Psychology D

Abigail Strong Biology E

Abigail Strong History C

Abigail Strong Law D

Daniel Sutcliffe Business Single C

Daniel Sutcliffe Travel & Tourism Single B

Bradley Sylvester Economics B

Bradley Sylvester Further Mathematics B

Bradley Sylvester Mathematics A

Hon Tang English Language D

Jessica Thomas Biology E

Jessica Thomas Health and Social Care Single C

Jessica Thomas Mathematics E

Jessica Thomas Psychology C

Georgia Tooby History B

Georgia Tooby Media Studies B

Georgia Tooby Psychology B

Alexander Tustin Biology D

Alexander Tustin Chemistry E

Alexander Tustin History B

Shelbie Vickers Art B

Shelbie Vickers Biology E

Shelbie Vickers Law A

Holly Wass Art C

Megan Wass Health and Social Care Single C

Megan Wass Psychology B

Megan Wass Sociology A

Nicolle Watson Art A*

Nicolle Watson Geography B

Nicolle Watson Product Design C

Myles Webster Further Mathematics B

Myles Webster Mathematics A

Myles Webster Physics D

Kimberley Wheeler French D

Kimberley Wheeler History C

Kimberley Wheeler Psychology B

Shelby White English Language A

Shelby White History A

Shelby White Mathematics B

Samuel Wilby Chemistry B

Samuel Wilby Mathematics B

Samuel Wilby Physics A

Connor Wiles Art C

Connor Wiles Biology D

Connor Wiles German E

Simon Williams Chemistry D

Simon Williams Mathematics B

Simon Williams Physics D

Harry Willis Chemistry B

Harry Willis Mathematics A

Harry Willis Physics B

Lucy Yates Biology D

Lucy Yates Geography A

Lucy Yates Sociology A

Lauren Youd Biology C

Lauren Youd Law A*

Lauren Youd Sociology A

Chesterfield College

Students from Chesterfield College toasted another year of record results.

The college received a record A level pass rate of 99.5 per cent – surpassing the previous year’s results by 1.5 per cent – and saw more than 35 per cent of students achieving higher grades A*, A and B. Mum Natasha Watts, 20, from Staveley, achieved top grades in criminology and law. She said: “I am so shocked and really pleased. I came down to the college with my mum and my two-year-old son Riley and wasn’t expecting to get such brilliant news.”

Brookfield Community School, Chesterfield

Twenty-two per cent of all grades awarded to Brookfield students were A* or A, with over half the results being B or above.

A spokesman for the school said: “Once again this year the hard work and dedication of students and staff have produced some excellent results. As well as producing very good examination outcomes, we work hard on producing well rounded young people. All the students contributed fully to the life of the school and we wish all of them the very best for the future.”

ANDREWS Kathryn K Dance Eng Lang Psychol

ARNOLD Robert R Comp Maths Phys

ASHBY Ryan R Eng Lang Geog His

ASHBY Sian S Biol Maths

ATACK Carly C Econ/BS Psychol Sociol GS

AYRES Aaron A Comp Maths Fu Maths Phys

BADDELEY Sophie S Dance Theatre Eng Lang

BAINBRIDGE Alfred A Maths Fu Maths Phys

BARNES Emily E Eng Lit His Spa GS

BARNES Henry H Eng Lang His Sociol GS

BIGGS Megan M Eng Lang Psychol Spa

BIRCH Ellie E H&SC Sociol

BLAGDON Eleanor E Eng Lit Fine Art Text

BOLER Charlie C Econ/BS Maths PE

BOLTON Hannah H Biol Psychol GS

BOOTH Hannah H Dance Psychol

BRADLEY Joshua J Chem His Maths

BREE Hollie H Biol His Psychol GS

BREWER Timothy T Biol PE Psychol


BROWN Emma E Biol Chem Psychol

BRYAN Matthew M Biol Eng Lit GS

BUCKLE Zoe Z Eng Lang Eng Lit Fr

CALLADINE Emily E Biol Chem Eng Lit

CALPIN Amy A Eng Lit PE Psychol GS

CAVE Sophie S Biol Eng Lang Psychol GS

CHADWICK Michael M Chem Maths Phys

CHAPMAN Scott S Chem Comp His GS

CHELL Danni-Louise D Dance Fine Art Graphics

CHRISTIAN Joseph J Maths Phys Prod Des GS

COATES Laura L Eng Lang

COPESTAKE Laura L Eng Lit Gov/Pol His GS

CRAWFORD Rebecca R Chem Fine Art Spa GS

CRESSWELL Joseph J Eng Lang Psychol

DAVE David D Biol Chem Maths

DAVIS Conor C Gov/Pol His Sociol GS

DIXON George G Eng Lang Eng Lit Spa

DOYLE Olivia O Dance Fine Art Text

DUNHAM Susie S Eng Lang Psychol Sociol

EDWARDS Lily L Biol Chem Psychol

FARR Thomas T Chem Maths Phys


FISCHER Thomas T Chem Maths GS

FISH Tomas T Gov/Pol His Psychol

FOWKES Thomas T Eng Lang Geog PE

FRANKLIN Jemma J Biol Chem His

FROGGATT Daniel D Maths Phys Prod Des

GADSBY Bethany B Biol Eng Lang German

GARNER Laura L Theatre

GERMON Emily E Biol Chem Maths GS

GIBBIONS Chloe C Eng Lit Graphics Text

GLEADALL Chloe C Biol Chem Psychol

GRANT Kern K Geog Psychol Eng Lang His

GRAUS Anna A Econ/BS Eng Lang Eng Lit

HADFIELD George G His Psychol

HAGGAR Jack J Maths Fu Maths Phys

HALL Chloe C Biol Dance Maths PE

HAUGHEY Eleanor E His Psychol Spa GS

HAYDEN Madeleine M Biol Geog PE GS

HAYES Bethany-Rachael B Econ/BS Eng Lang Eng Lit

HEELEY Jordan J Biol Eng Lang Psychol GS

HICKLIN Amelia A Eng Lang H&SC Sociol

HIGGINBOTHAM Samuel S Biol Chem Phys GS


HILL Lindsey L His Spa

HILL Nicola N Dance Eng Lit

HOLLINDALE David D Comp Maths Phys GS

HOLMES Jamie J Maths Phys Prod Des GS

INNS Claude C Geog His Sociol

JOHNSON Jessica J His Psychol Sociol GS

JONES Emma E German Maths Phys

JONES Katie K Eng Lit H&SC Text

JOWLE Edward E Theatre Eng Lit Music

KERR Jake J Maths Fu Maths Phys

KING Lucy L Eng Lang His Psychol

KING Ryan R Maths Phys Psychol

KNIGHT Zoe Z Dance Eng Lang Eng Lit

KNOWLES Oliver O Eng Lang Fine Art

LAM Charlotte C Theatre Eng Lang Psychol

LARGE Harry H Comp Maths Phys

LAWSON Sam S Econ/BS Eng Lang Geog

LINACRE Kegan K His Psychol

LIU Tamara T Eng Lang Geog Psychol GS

LOBAR Daniel D Eng Lang ICT Psychol GS

LONGDEN Samuel S Biol Geog

MACLEAY Eleanor E Dance Eng Lit Fr GS

MADIN Alison A Eng Lit Fine Art His GS

MARSHALL Olivia O Eng Lit Psychol Sociol GS

MASON Emily E Biol Chem Psychol


MCCLYMONT Forest F Fine Art Graphics Text

MCKENZIE Lydia L Biol Fr Maths GS

MCMAHON Paige P H&SC Psychol Sociol

MENZIES Campbell C Biol Chem Maths

MIDDLETON Eleanor E Biol Chem Maths

MILES Harry H Biol Maths Phys

MONTGOMERY Chloe C Eng Lit His Psychol

MURCHISON Amy A Dance Psychol Text

MUSGROVE Holly H H&SC Psychol Text

NAUGHTON Oliver O Sociol

NEAL Daniel D Chem Maths Fu Maths Phys

NEWSON Lauren L Eng Lang Sociol

NICHOLSON Joseph J Biol His GS

NUGENT Ross R Chem Maths Fu Maths

NUNNS Louise L Eng Lit Fine Art Text

NUTTER Martin M Geog Phys Prod Des GS

ORWIN Michael M Biol Eng Lang Psychol GS

PINKNEY Bethany B Dance H&SC Psychol

PRIEST Josie J Theatre Eng Lang

REDFORD JONES Philip P Chem Maths Phys

REES Amy A Eng Lit His

REYNOLDS Matthew M Eng Lit Maths Fu Maths Phys

RICHARDS William W Biol Maths PE GS

ROBERTS Frances F Chem His Maths

ROBERTS Sophie S Eng Lit Fr Maths

SALTER Rachael R Music Maths Fu Maths Phys

SANDERS Melissa M H&SC Psychol Sociol

SAYERS Lucy L Biol Chem Spa GS

SCOTHERN Samuel S Geog Psychol

SHARRATT Jessica J Theatre Eng Lit Music

SHAW Ellie E Eng Lit PE

SHELDON Samuel S Chem Comp Maths Phys

SHERWOOD Timothy T Eng Lang His Sociol

SMART Jake J Comp Econ/BS Geog ICT

SMILE VILASECA Natasha N Biol Psychol Spa

SMITH Chloe C Maths Phys Prod Des

SMITH Keaton K Chem Maths Phys

SMURTHWAITE Jack J Comp Graphics ICT

SNOWBALL Eleanor E Eng Lang Eng Lit Sociol GS

STARKEY Cameron C Maths Phys Prod Des

STEWART Adam A Biol Chem German GS

STONE Cindy C Biol Chem

SUTTON Lauren L Eng Lit His Psychol GS

SWIFT William W Comp ICT Maths

SYKES Gemma G Eng Lit Gov/Pol His Psychol GS

TAYLOR Elliot E Geog His Sociol

TAYLOR Jordan J Biol Maths Psychol

TAYLOR Sarah S Eng Lang H&SC Sociol GS

TELFER Edward E Theatre Eng Lang Eng Lit

TEMBEDZA Benson B Biol Chem Eng Lang

THOMAS Oliver O Econ/BS Eng Lang Geog

THOMPSON Scott S Biol Chem Phys GS

TIGHE Georgia G Biol Maths Psychol

TIGHE Shannon S His Psychol Sociol

TORKINGTON Katie K Biol Chem Maths

TWIGG Kezia K Eng Lang Eng Lit Psychol GS

TWYFORD Emma E Fine Art Geog Maths

VAN D’ARQUE Sophie S Eng Lang Sociol GS

VICKERMAN Matthew M Biol Maths Psychol

WALKER Kayleigh K Eng Lit Fr His

WALLWORK Alexander A Biol Chem Maths

WARD Ellie E Theatre Eng Lit Psychol

WARREN Stephanie S Eng Lang Graphics Maths

WARSOP Alexander A Chem Maths Phys GS

WESTROP Hannah H Eng Lang Geog

WHEATLEY Grace G Graphics PE Psychol

WHEELER Charlie C Eng Lang Phys Prod Des

WHEELER Joshua J Eng Lit Geog

WHITBREAD Daniel D Eng Lang

WHITE Charlotte C Biol Chem Geog

WHITHAM Scott S Biol Psychol Spa

WHITMORE Molly M Biol Gov/Pol GS

WILDIN Ellie E Biol Chem Maths

WILLIAMS Kerry K Fine Art Graphics His

WONG Antony A Maths Fu Maths Phys

WOOD Ashley A Econ/BS Eng Lang Spa GS

WOOD William W Biol Phys Psychol

WOODS Matthew M Chem Maths Phys

WRAGG Nathan N Gov/Pol Maths Fu Maths Phys

WRIGHT Jonathan J Econ/BS Maths Psychol

YATES Robert R Econ/BS Geog ICT Maths

YOUD Holly H Biol Chem H&SC

YOUSUF Ahsan A Chem Maths Phys

ZHOU Amie A Biol Eng Lang Fine Art

St Mary’s Catholic High School, Chesterfield

Many students at St Mary’s gained outstanding results.

Headteacher Sean McClafferty said: “I’m very proud of our students. I want to thank them for their hard work, eagerness to learn and enormous contribution to the life of the school. I would like to congratulate them on their remarkable examination success and wish them well for the future.”

R Ainscough Psychol, RS, Eng Lit, GS

B Allen RS, IT, GS

L Ashford-Bryant Psychol, Biol, IT, GS

D Bartley His, Art & Des, Eng Lit

M Binnie Biol, Geog, GS

K Brania Maths, Biol, Chem

E Breedon RS, His, Eng Lit

R Broadbent RS, His, Eng Lit, Eng Lang

M Brunt RS, Maths, Biol

D Bullen Maths, BS, Econ

E Cain Maths, Biol, Chem

R Charlesworth Maths, Biol, Chem, Phys

A Childs Maths, BS, Phys

T Church Maths, Phys, Ger

N Clegg His, Fren, Eng Lang, Eng Lit

J Connolly Maths, His, Econ

H Cooke RS, Geog, GS

A Cullum RS, His, Span, GS

D Dany Maths, Chem, Phys

E Davison Psychol, Geog, Eng Lang, GS

W Dawson RS, Maths, BS

R De Girolamo RS, Maths, Phys

V Derby BS, Art & Des, Des & Tech

D Difelice Maths, Econ, Phys, GS

R Dodds RS, His, Eng Lit

C Dunne-Wragg Maths, Econ, Phys

G Eardley Psychol, RS, Maths, GS

G Eardley Psychol, Maths, Ger

P Eastwood Maths, Biol, His

S Eaton Mu, Fren, Span, Eng Lang

F Ellis RS, BS, Ger

M Emmott Maths, Art & Des, Eng Lit

H Eyre PE, Biol, Geog

S Ferrinho Biol, Chem, Fren

J Field Psychol, RS, His, GS

D Foster Maths, BS, Phys

C Fox RS, His, Econ, Eng Lit

E Fox Mu, Psychol, Span

C Frazer RS, Maths, Fren, Ger, GS

E Garratt Maths, Biol, Chem, GS

A Garvey Biol, Geog, Chem, Eng Lit

M Green Biol, Chem, Span

T Hannan RS, His, Eng Lit

L Hardowar Biol, Chem, Fren

L Hardwick RS, Biol, Chem

I Hawley Maths, Chem, Phys

C Haworth Psychol, His, Eng lit, GS

E Heywood RS, BS, Des & Tech

O Hill RS, Biol, Chem, GS

A Holland Maths, Biol

L Hopkins RS, Maths, Phys

T Hopkinson Maths, Chem, Phys

R Howe Maths, Chem, Phys

Y James-Birch RS, His, BS, GS

A Jardine RS, BS, Des & Tech

H Jessop RS, IT, BS

R Kelley Maths, BS

K Kenyon RS, Span, Eng Lit

N Kidd RS, BS, Eng Lit, GS

A Kimberley Geog, BS, GS

B Kirk Maths, Geog, Phys

L Knight Maths, Fu Maths, Chem, Phys

A Ladha Maths, Biol, Eng Lang, GS

M Langen RS, Biol, Geog, His, GS

A Layton Maths, Biol, Chem, GS

N Lisewski Psychol, Maths, His, GS

J Lister RS, Maths, Geog

J Lockwood Maths, Fu Maths, Phys

K Longmate Maths, Chem, Phys

C Markham Psychol, RS, BS

G Marklew RS, Maths, Biol, GS

A Marshall RS, Maths, Phys, Eng Lang

M McClafferty Maths, Biol, Geog

H Medus RS, Geog, GS

S Meikle Mu, RS, Eng Lang

S Monteiro Maths, IT, BS

J Moore Maths, BS, Ger

S Moore Chem, Des & Tech, Ger

C Mott Biol, Geog, Chem

H Mott His, Art & Des, Eng Lang

J Mouzakis RS, His, GS

A Mullaney Maths, BS, Phys

S Murphy Maths, Biol, Chem, GS

L Nowak His, Fren, Eng Lit, GS

A O’Shea His, Econ, Eng Lit

A Parsons RS, Maths, His, Eng Lang

D Paton IT, BS, Econ

C Payton Biol, Chem, Phys

K Pintor RS, Biol, Chem

S Quinn Maths, Fu Maths, Phys

F Rashid Maths, Biol, His, Chem

B Sanders RS, Maths, His

J Schroeter Maths, Econ, Ger

K Scott PE, Maths, Fren, Ger

A Seals Psychol, RS, BS

J Sharma Maths, Econ, Phys

W Shaw His, Econ, Eng Lit, GS

R Sheppard Maths, Fu Maths Biol, GS

A Smallwood Psychol, His, Eng Lang

C Smith RS, Eng Lang, Eng Lit

K Smith Psychol, Art & Des, Fren, Eng Lit, GS

L Smith Mu, Geog, Fren, GS

T Smith RS, His, Eng Lang, GS

S Susca Biol, Chem, Eng Lit

E Swann Mu, Maths, IT

K Sweeney BS, Eng Lang, GS

K Tang Maths, IT, Econ

A Tate BS, Art & Des, Eng Lang,

A Tennant Psychol, His, Eng Lang

J Tew PE, Maths, Biol, Chem

C Thomson His, Phys

K Tokunaga Psychol, Geog, Eng Lang

O Townend IT, Fren, Eng Lit

L Van Ryssen RS, Psychol, GS

S Varney Maths, Fu Maths, His, Phys

E Wass Maths, Biol, Chem, Phys

E Westby Psychol, RS, IT

L Whitehead Maths, Chem, Phys

E Wilders Maths, Biol, Chem

H Wilkinson RS, Art & Des, Des & Tech

G Winter BS, Des & Tech

J Wisternoff BS, Art & Des, Eng Lang

J Wood RS, Eng Lang, Eng Lit, GS

T Wood Biol, His, Eng Lit

I Woodward Maths, His, Econ

D Brown Maths, Geog

E Elliot Maths, Fren, Span

X Elshaw Biol, Geog, Chem

A Roberts Maths, Biol, Chem

Netherthorpe School, Staveley

Twin sisters and Netherthorpe students Beatrice and Imogen Soakell enjoyed a double helping of A level joy as they scooped eight top grades between them.

Beatrice and Imogen were among many of the school’s students who enjoyed great success when they opened their results envelopes.

The pass rate of 96 per cent with more than 40 per cent of all results at A* to B has enabled the vast majority of Netherthorpe students to gain university places or to be accepted on to apprenticeships and other job opportunities.

Headteacher Alan Senior said: “I would like to congratulate our A level students. They have worked tremendously hard over the last two years and have been wonderfully well supported by our experienced team of dedicated teachers. Our students now have great lifetime opportunities before them and I wish them every success in the future.”

Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School

Fifty-three per cent of students Dronfield Henry Fanshawe achieved A* to B grades.

Headteacher Teresa Roche said: “Students have performed beyond the national expectations for this cohort and achieved the school’s best ever results. The majority will move on to some of the best universities in the country and we wish them all the very best in the future.”

S Anderson Phys Maths Chem

C Andrews Dr Psychol Sociol

E Aston Chem Maths Biol GS

H Balmforth Art and Des Geog Eng Lang GS

S Baxter Chem PE Biol GS

E Beare Maths Fur Maths Biol GS

S Beck Comp Econ/BS Account GS

G Beecroft Dr Psychol Eng Lang

G Bennett Chem Biol Geog GS

A Biggin Maths Dr Eng Lang

K Bingham PE Psychol Eng Lang GS

G Bishop Chem Maths Biol GS

H Bishop Chem Maths Fur Maths GS

J Black Dr Psychol Eng Lit GS

A Blake Photo Dr

R Booker Maths Dr Psychol GS

J Bovill His Dr Eng Lit GS

E Bowden PE Maths Psychol GS

J Bower App IT Econ/BS His GS

K Boyes Law Eng Lang

O Bright Maths Fur Maths Fr Phys

H Browes Home Econ Sociol Eng Lang

R Burniston Dr Geog Psychol GS

E Butler Maths His Fr GS

E Butterfield Dr Eng Lang Eng Lit GS

J Charlesworth PE Maths Biol GS

E Clark Maths Spa Psychol GS

R Clark Chem Maths Spa GS

J Collis App IT Spa GS

C Cook BS App IT Geog

G Cooke Chem Maths Phys GS

E Cooper Chem Maths Phys GS

O Creaser-Smith Phil Psychol Eng Lit GS

A Cross Home Econ Photo Eng Lang GS

G Curtis BS Home Econ Photo GS

A Cutler Biol Spa Eng Lit GS

E Davies BS Psychol Eng Lit

E Davies Maths Phys Des and Tech

S Dawson Comp Maths Fur Maths Phys

N Dente Law His Geog GS

E Derbyshire Comp Econ/BS His GS

J Evans Biol Chem GS Maths

T Evans Law His Eng Lang GS

L Farnsworth Chem PE Biol GS

E Fathers Fr Eng Lang GS

C Firth Bus St Maths

S Forte Art and Des Psychol GS

J Fuentes Holden Maths Spa Geog

R Furniss Art and Des Maths Eng Lang

S Georgeson Chem Comp Maths Phys

C Goodlad Photo Psychol GS

L Goodwin PE Biol Spa GS

E Gough His Psychol Eng Lang GS

J Gregory PE Biol Psychol GS

O Grocutt Biol Chem Sociol GS

N Haigh Home Econ Sociol

A Hardwick Chem Comp Phys GS

D Hardy Maths Fur Maths Fr GS

L Hardy Biol Psychol Sociol GS

J Haslam PE Geog GS

D Hasland Chem Maths Biol

A Hattersley Photo Psychol Eng Lang GS

E Havenhand PE Eng Lang GS

L Hawkins Maths Biol Chem GS

R Hawkins Chem Maths Biol GS

K Hazelwood Econ/BS His Sociol GS

P Hebblethwaite Chem Biol Psychol GS

L Hewitt Maths Dr Eng Lang GS

A Hill His Psychol

C Holland Art and Des Maths Spa GS

L Howell Home Econ Geog Eng Lang GS

L Humpage Dr Geog Eng Lang

M Jenkinson App IT Econ/BS His GS

A Johnson Photo Psychol Sociol GS

T Johnson BS Home Econ GS

B Jones PE Maths Biol

T Jones Chem Maths Fur Maths GS

J Kay Maths Econ/BS Phys GS

A Kemp Smith Chem Biol Psychol GS

T Kirkham Geog Phys Eng Lang

N Kleisa Chem Maths Fr

C Lambert App IT Geog Eng Lang GS

A Lawson Chem Maths Biol Fr

E Ledger Art and Des Eng Lit GS

G Light Home Econ Geog Eng Lang

R McHale BS Law GS

E Meek BS App IT Geog GS

I Minskip Chem Maths Biol Phys

L Morris Chem Biol Psychol GS

L Muirhead His Spa Eng Lit GS

F Myers BS Photo GS

E Naylor Econ/BS Psychol Sociol

C Nunns Chem Phys GS

S Oates Chem Maths Biol GS

T Oliver Chem Biol Phys GS

I Prados-Peach Geog Phys GS

K Pratt Maths Biol Psychol GS

K Preston Maths Psychol GS

G Pymm Chem Maths Biol GS

A Quick Chem Biol His GS

J Quick Chem Biol His GS

B Ratcliffe Maths Psychol Eng Lang GS

R Rayson Chem Maths Fur Maths GS

J Reardon Chem Maths Fur Maths Phys

D Reed BS App IT Psychol

I Revill His Phil Eng Lang GS

B Rickards Chem Biol Fr GS

C Robinson Photo Geog Art and Des GS

B Rooke Geog Eng Lang GS

M Rose Chem Maths Biol GS

J Rudge Phil Eng Lang

L Sanderson Maths Biol His GS

O Satur Biol Geog Psychol GS

H Seaston His Dr Eng Lang GS

A Seggar Sociol Eng Lang Eng Lit GS

A Shufflebottom PE Biol Geog GS

A Stirling Home Econ Eng Lang

O Stylianou Psychol Eng Lang GS

J Thompson App IT Econ/BS Geog GS

A Tilley Chem Maths Biol GS

S Turner Maths Fur Maths Econ/BS GS

A Tye Maths Fur Maths Phys GS

N Tye Chem Maths Fur Maths Phys

S Wadkin His Spa Eng Lang Eng Lit

T Ward Econ/BS His GS

J Whitby Chem Eng Lang Eng Lit GS

J White Comp PE Maths GS

E Williams Chem Maths Biol GS

D Wilson PE Maths Biol

A Woodhouse Photo Eng Lang Eng Lit

T Woodhouse His Psychol GS

E Woolfe Law Econ/BS Eng Lang GS

T Wootton Chem Maths Geog GS

E Wyatt Biol Psychol Eng Lang GS

Eckington School

Headteacher Patrick Cummings congratulated Eckington students on their “excellent” results.

He said: “The outcomes continue to rise year-on-year and once again almost all of our students will gain entry to the university of their choice.”

Liam Allott: Eng Lit, His, Law; Adam Barton: Eng Lang, Film, Psychol; Samuel Blakey: Film, Geog, Psychol; Cliana Bolan: Childcare, Psychol; Sean Bonnington: App Sci; Connor Bristow: App Sci, Eng Lang, Geog; Lauren Buckley: App Sci; Carly Challenger: Childcare; Shanelle Charlton: Childcare; Abbie Clayton: Art & Des; Kristian Dennett: Eng Lang, Film, Geog; Ryan Donnelly: BS, Maths; David Drabble: Geog, Geol, His; Charlotte Epworth: HSCare, Psychol; Abbie Fletcher: Eng Lit, His, Maths; Jacob Glover: BS, Eng Lang, Psychol; William Goulden: Eng Lit, His, Maths; Niall Green: App Sci, IT; Oliver Hamer: ResMats, Geog, IT; Jake Hawkes: Eng Lit, His, Maths; Abbie Hazlehurst: Art & Des, Photo; Paige Hazlehurst: Photo, BS; Matthew Heslop: App Sci, Sociol; Natasha Holmes: Photo, Biol, Psychol; Ellie Lee: BS, Food, Eng Lit; Bryony Leedham: Eng Lang, Eng Lit, Psychol; Leon Marsh: App Sci, Psychol; Lucy Marsh: Art & Des, App Sci; Kurtis Norman: Art & Des, ResMats, Film; Jack Peck: App Sci; Thomas Porthouse: ResMats, His; Abigail Render: Childcare; Ashleigh Rotherham: App Sci; Jake Rotherham: Eng Lang; Chloe Senior: HSCare; Kyle Sharpe: BS, Eng Lang, Psychol; Olivia Shaw: Food, Psychol, Sociol; Callum Standish: Biol, His; Sophie Taylor: Eng Lang; Oliver Tew: Eng Lit, His, Law, Thomas Thickett: Chem, Fu maths, Maths, Phys; Jordan Walker: Geog, Geol, His; Shaunie Wallis: Spt; Bradi Weight: Eng Lang; Aidan Whitehouse: BS, Geog, Law; Jake Williams: Geog, Geol, Law; Samuel Woodward: Film, Geol, Psychol; Jack Wragg: Fu maths, Maths, Phys.

Highfields School, Matlock

Five years ago university was the last thing on Conor Tuffs’ mind. He was fighting leukaemia.

Once he had recovered he set his sights on medicine, and after encouragement from doctors, Conor successfully applied to several medical schools.

He has achieved A* A* A and is heading for Exeter University to train to become a doctor.

His tutor, Derek Hopkinson, said: “Conor has an immense capacity for hard work and is one of the nicest students you could hope to meet. The maturity and insight he has will make him an outstanding doctor. We are so delighted he is fulfilling his potential.”

Conor said: “I’m ecstatic that my work and the efforts of those who have helped me throughout everything have been rewarded. It has been a pleasure to be part of Highfields School and to be taught by such enthusiastic and caring teachers. People should know that if they put their minds to it anything can be achieved irrespective of any obstacles that they may meet.”

Highfields sixth form students celebrated an overall pass rate of 100 per cent.

Head of sixth form, Martin Flett, said: “I am really proud of how hard they have worked. Their commitment, drive and enthusiasm have made them a great group of young people to work with. Beyond their academic achievements they are happy and well-rounded individuals who have made some great contributions to our community.”

Lady Manners School, Bakewell

It has been another successful A level year at Lady Manners.

Students at the Bakewell school performed well overall – more than half of all grades were A*, A or B. Headteacher Duncan Meikle said: “Lots of students have performed very well. Congratulations to students and staff who have had to work very hard to achieve these successes.”

Anthony Gell School, Wirksworth

Anthony Gell headteacher David Baker said he was “really pleased” with this year’s results – which were up on 2013’s – with a 100 per cent pass rate and 70 per cent of grades being A* to C.

He said students were going on to study architecture, physics, psychology, engineering, radiography, among other courses, with two students off to study at universities in America.

Swanwick Hall School

Students at Swanwick Hall again celebrated record results.

Jake Bennett was over the moon with his three A*s. “I’m going on to study physics at Nottingham – I can’t wait to start,” he said. Headteacher Jonathan Fawcett said: “We are once again delighted that our students have achieved such wonderful results. This is a tremendous reward for the hard work and dedication they have shown to their courses, as well as the support and guidance of our staff.”

Alfreton Grange Arts College

There were scenes of delight when students at Alfreton Grange found out their results.

Several A grade students have secured a variety of competitive university places – including Lewis Watt who will study physics with astrophysics at Nottingham.

Mount St Mary’s College, Spinkhill

A number of departments at Mount St Mary’s – including geography and PE – achieved a 100 per cent pass rate at A* to C.

Gagan Shiralagi, from Walton, achieved his dream of gaining a place at Christ’s College, Cambridge, to read mathematics while Chesterfield girl Chloe Gaskell clinched As in biology and chemistry and a B in physics. She is looking forward to a gap year before applying for university in 2015.

A Barker eng lit, fren, span; E Beard dram and that studs, music; P Brown Biol, des tech, phys; J Burkinshaw biol, eng lit, hist; S Chan account, chin, econ and busi studs; T Chan maths phys;

H Chapman eng lit, geog*, pe*; B Churchfield des prod, econand busi studs, pe; E Dillion art and des, des prod; F Duffy account, econ and busi studs, pe*; J Duffy eng lit, gov and polits, hist; M Firth geog, gov and polits, maths; C Gaskell biol*, chem*, phys; C Hall ext proj, biol, gov and polits, hist; J Hill biol, des tech, phys; L Hill textiles, eng lit, rs; N Hunt account, biol, pe; G Jeonney econ and busi studs, eng lit, gov and polits; J Leadbetter photy**, des prod, eng lit; J Legdon accounts, dram and theat studs, eng lit; S Marsh eng lit, fren, gov and polits; C Mitchell eng lit*, fren*, gov and polits; L Murciano account, econ and busi studs, maths; M Nadeem biol, chem, phys; N Powell account, gov and polits, pe; D Poyser geog, pe, rs; R Say dran and theat studs, eng lit, rs; N Sharif photy**, eng lit, gov and polits, G Shiralagi maths**,frth maths**, Phys**; I Unwin account, biol, gov and polits; C Watts des tech, eng lit; C Williams ext proj, econ and busi studs, geog, pe

Sheffield High School

A record number of Sheffield High students are going on to study medical-related degrees, including dentistry and nursing.

Camilla Clark: chemistry A, maths A*, further maths A*, physics A

Sarah Clough: biology A, chemistry B, geography A

Eleanor Cornwall: business studies A, economics B, psychology B

Chloe Crewdson: biology D, chemistry C, ICT C

Yasmin Dawes: biology B, English Literature A, history B

Sally El-Arifi: art and design B, biology C, chemistry C

Charlotte Elmer: chemistry A, English Literature A*, physics A

Jesseca Furness biology C, chemistry B, maths A

Louise Harrison: biology B, chemistry D, psychology B

Sarah Holmes business studies A, German A, psychology C

Madeleine Kennedy: biology D, history C, maths E

Jessica Lindley: French A*, history A*, Russian A*

Lisa Shelswell: biology A, chemistry A, maths A

Emily Thomas: biology A*, chemistry A*, history A*, maths A

Chloe Witham: art and design B, biology A, business studies B, history B

Birkdale School, Sheffield

Birkdale School student Sam MacKey, of Bamford, achieved four A* results and will read natural sciences at Queens’ College, Cambridge.

Headteacher Dr Paul Owen said: “We are pleased to see so many of our students achieving their expected places at both Oxbridge and a wide range of top universities. Their diligence and dedication has paid off and I congratulate them and the hard-working staff who have guided them to this success.”

Callum Andrews, Econ, D, Gen St, C, Maths, C, Phys, C; Jessica Bishop Bingley, Bus Studs, B, Econ, E, Gen St, B, Geog, C; Georgia Blagden, Biol, A*, Chem, A, Geog, A; Jeremy Brown, Eng Lit, A*, French, A, Hist, A, EPQ, A; James Caven, Gov & Pol, B, Hist, B, RS, B; Alexander Davis, Gen St, D, Gov & Pol, D, Maths, C, Music, C; James Grant, Bus Studs, D, Gen St, D, Geog, D, Mus Tech, C; Lucy Grant, Des Tech (Graphics,) A, Maths, C, Music, C; George Kitchin, Biol, A, Econ, A, Gen St, B, Maths, B; Amritjit Kular, Econ, D, Psych, C, RS, B; George Middleton, Classics, D, Econ, D, Gen St, D, Hist, C; Jack Parmar, Art, A, Gen St, D, Maths, A, Phys, A; Annabel Riekie, Classics, B, Eng Lit, B, Psych, A

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