Derbyshire Times voters are set to take to the polling booths

Election ballot box.
Election ballot box.

Constituents will be taking to the polls as they vote to make their voices heard during the General and local elections on May 7.

MPs and Parliamentary candidates have been campaigning for the General Election as polls indicate one of the most tightly fought contests in history.

The economy, the NHS, education, immigration, Europe and Scotland are the issues on which seats could be won or lost regionally and nationally.

Below is a list of General Election candidates for the Derbyshire Times’s area.

CHESTERFIELD: Toby Perkins (Lab), Julia Cambridge (Lib Dem), Mark Vivis (Con), Matt Genn (Green), Tommy Holgate (Peace), Stuart Yeowart (UKIP), and Matt Whale (TUSC). NE DERBYSHIRE: Natascha Engel (Lab), Lee Rowley (Con), David Batey (Lib Dem), James Bush (UKIP), David Kesteven (Green), Rob Lane (Ind). DERBYSHIRE DALES: Patrick McLoughlin (Con), Andy Botham (Lab), Ben Fearn (Lib Dem), Ian Wood (Green), John Young (UKIP), Amila Y’Mech (Humanity). AMBER VALLEY: Nigel Mills (Con), Kevin Gillott (Lab), Stuart Bent (UKIP), John Devine (Green), and Kate Smith (Lib Dem). BOLSOVER: Dennis Skinner (Lab), Peter Bedford (Con), David Lomax (Lib Dem) and Ray Calladine (UKIP).

Candidates previously provided details of their hopes and election results will be available at Bolsover UKIP candidate Ray Calladine, whose comment was missed, outlined his hopes. He said: “NHS free at point of delivery. UKIP is the only party to confirm where the money is coming from for this. Reduce unemployment by focusing education on the region’s requirements and a points based system to reduce the influx of workers from abroad. Referendum on leaving the EU; returning democracy to the British people. Less than 30 per cent of our legislation is from Westminster. We want accountable politicians not un-elected commissioners.”