Derbyshire: Victims of crime to get better support

Police have been called into Hodgson High in Poulton
Police have been called into Hodgson High in Poulton

Victims of crime in Derbyshire are to get a better service thanks to the police’s partnership with a charity.

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles has revealed that he has asked the charity Victim Support to deliver a more localised service to victims of crime in Derbyshire.

The new service is due to run for the next 18 months and will bring together the work of organisations such as the police, local authorities and charities.

It builds on the ethos of recent legislation requiring commissioners to consider efficient and effective provision in the long-term as well as their social value to public services.

The commissioner has tasked the charity to use local funding for victims’ services to provide an enhanced service to support victims and witnesses.

He is keen for the new service plan to get underway so that more people can get the help they need if they become a crime victim, particularly those who are vulnerable.