Derbyshire: Your vote is needed for star–gazing project

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NEWS: News.

A stella effort is needed to generate some cash for a Dales star–gazing attraction.

The StarDisc, in Stoney Wood, Wirksworth, has been chosen from more than 750 entries to be a finalist in this year’s National Lottery Awards.

Now the attraction is up for the public vote with six other organisations nationwide in the Best Arts category with a change of scooping a £2,000 prize and rub shoulders with television, sport and music stars at the glamorous National Lottery Awards on BBC One in September.

The artist responsible for StarDisc, Aidan Shingler, said winning the award and being celebrated on national television would be a dream come true.

He commented: “We are enormously grateful to the National Lottery as StarDisc simply wouldn’t exist without its support.

“We are very excited to have reached the finals of the National Lottery Awards and invite anyone and everyone inspired by StarDisc to vote for us. To receive national recognition would be a wonderful reward for all those involved in the project.

“It would also assist enormously to realise the dream of establishing a network of additional StarDiscs across the United Kingdom, leaving an enduring cultural legacy for future generations.”

He added that if the project won the money, half of it would go to the general upkeep of the existing StarDisc.

The other half would go to the StarDisc Array Project – a project set up by Aidan and his friend Phil Bramhall to create a network of StarDiscs throughout the country.

StarDisc is a unique open–air theatre and 21st Century stone circle created in the form of a 40ft diameter star chart carved into granite.

By night, 72 lights illuminate the StarDisc, powered by our nearest star the Sun. As well as attracting visitors from far and wide, StarDisc is also a venue for drama, music and astronomical events.

To vote for StarDisc, visit or telephone 0844 836 9676. Voting runs for four weeks until midnight on Wednesday, July 23.