Did you know these men?

Last year in conjunction with the Derbyshire library service, I wrote a book on Matlock and the Great War, telling the stories of the lives and deaths of all the servicemen with Matlock connections who died and whose names are inscribed on the war memorial.

I am now researching the men whose names are to be found on both the Matlock and MAtlock Bath was memorials, having died on service during the WWII. The aim as usual, is to honour their names.

I would appreciate help from any relatives or friends of those men, who might be able to aid its research by providing additional information and especially a copy of a photograph to go with the text (either in uniform, civvies, or even a school photograph).

The servicemen are as follows - C.T. Alsop, T. Allsopp, J.T. Allwood, H. Ballington, C. Barnes, R.D. Binks, F. K. Bonsall, W.J. Bowler, S.H. Briddon, S. Brown, W. Crouch, C.R. Edmonds, S. Gaunt, H. Gould, D.G. Grantham, C.C. Gregory, H.P. Grimshaw, M.G. Ham, K.G. Harrison, A.E. Hood, G. Howitt, F.A, Jones, F.J. Kennedy, F.S. King, T. Kirwan, N. Land, E.J. Loverock, W.H. Lowe, A.D. Moffat, G.B. Moore, M.F. Morten, C.R. Morten, T.R. Mowatt, F.J. Owens, W. Pennington, H. Poundall, T.A. Scotthorne, H. Sheldon, C. Slater, G.T. Slater, A.L. Slater, W. Stafford, F.B. Vallance, R. Vallance, C. Wall, C. Walthall, R.N.R. Wherrett, G.T. Wibberley, R.J.S. Wicks, F.B.H. Wildgoose, K.W. Wilson, W. Walker, A.E. Woolley, J. Wood, E. Wood, H. Young, C.H. Mellows.

I would also appreciate any information and photographs on the Matlock and Matlock Bath Home Guard units, the ARP, evacuees and VE and VJ Day celebrations.

I can be contacted at Wensleydale, 4 Oker Road, South Darley, Matlock DE4 2JQ or by phone on (01629) 732622.

Keith Taylor