Disability not a lifestyle choice

I’m writing over the Scope report on changing attitudes to those on disability benefit

I think the reason attitudes have worsened towards disabled people is partly due to the bad economic times we are experiencing, in my opinion a weak economy makes people less tolerant and more selfish towards minorities in general.

I also partly blame the media, I see many programmes on TV and films that make jokes about disabled people or portray them as being miserable or mean and as a lot of people believe what they see in the media this could lead to people making assumptions in real life.

Also due to the economy, able bodied people that work may feel jealous towards disabled people as many cannot work but they don’t think about how hard it can be to be disabled and being disabled is NOT a lifestyle choice.

I also believe society as a whole has become and will continue to become more about the self and less about others.

Larrie Knights

Via email