Disabled man is liberated by chair

‘Gobsmacked’ was the word used by one disabled person after trying out the new off road wheelchair.

Kaz Laljee was sceptical when he went to Hoe Grange Holidays, near Brassington, to try out the Boma 7.

The 34–year–old, of Manchester, suffers from MS and had not been able to go into the wilderness for more than ten years.

“I could go anywhere, it was amazing,” he said.

“It goes over grass, it goes over mud, it goes up and down curbs.

“It’s almost like a quad bike.”

Kaz is a member of Positive About MS, an organisation which supports people suffering from the condition.

He usually uses a mobility scooter to get out and about.

The owners of Hoe Grange Holidays, David and Felicity Brown, invited Kaz to try out the off-road wheelchair after meeting him at an exhibition in the NEC in Birmingham.

“I thought it would be good but not as good as it was,” he continued.

“I’ve heard of mobility scooters and wheelchairs, but you come to an area like this and if you are someone with a disability you don’t want to be pushed around.

“You can’t use your scooter on grass, it’s not made for that, but something like this makes you feel you can go at a walking pace and you can zoom out ahead if you want to and it was almost quite liberating.

“It’s quite good fun as well.”

Kaz said the Boma 7 was also easy to get in and out of without losing any dignity.

For more information on Positive About MS visit www.positiveaboutms.com