Disgusted by what I saw

When I first started volunteering, one of the first things that I was taught was “customer’s expect clean toilets”, this experience which I am about to relate to is just the opposite.

I am a volunteer for Peak Rail, which has a station in Matlock, and as we are a tourist attraction, certain standards are maintained, such as being smartly dressed, polite and offering a good service in all area’s of our operation.

On Saturday, October 6 I was on duty at Matlock platform No2, signed on at 10am and was immediately made aware of a problem in the toilet block, at the transport interchange.

Although it is nothing to do with Peak Rail, I went to see if I could help ease the situation.

When I saw what the problem was I was disgusted. There was no lighting in the toilet block, and on inspection found that the Gents was in a right state. The floor was awash with liquid (I leave that to your imagination) and the nearest wash basin was full of human waste matter.

This may have been like it for some while because a chap went in, after he had wedged the door open with a drinks can, he must have been desperate!!

Nowhere could I find any contact number to report the fault. I went back to the Peak Rail cum T.I shop, to see if they had any contact details, the only one was to an answer machine, which advised you to ring back during office hours.

During the course of the day, many people spoke to me and the guy in the shop, regarding this matter, and thought that it was our responsibility, we did say it was the council’s problem and to contact them.

When I signed off at 5pm, the situation was still the same, no member of any cleaning staff had been any near the toilets.

When I arrived home I emailed Darley Dales District Council, via their website, regarding the situation and received an automatic reply. Since then I have had no reply what so ever from them.

On October 29 I sent another email to DDDC, asking what the position was regarding my previous email, and as of November 10, no reply has been received by me. Is this the way to treat feedback to a council, which is in a tourist area, I think not?

Its been 25 working days since the comment/complaint form went in, how many days more?

If this letter is printed, will I get an answer from DDDC? I am not holding my breath.

Mick Cramp