Dismay over remembrance Sunday service

The Committee of 365 (Matlock) Mess of the Fellowship of the Services has asked me to write to express their dismay over the Remembrance Sunday Parade and Service held on November 11, 2012.

The Committee feels that the event was completely spoiled by the lack of public address equipment for the service at Park Head Cenotaph.

This was avoidable if someone from the Town Council had had the forethought to take the necessary action in checking the presence and function of the public address system.

We would have thought that with the Town Council staff available, someone would have been delegated to ensure that everything was operational at least two hours before the event.

We trust that on future occasions this problem will be addressed and the necessary action taken.

Sid Harbey

Secretary365 (Matlock) Mess of theFellowship of the Services