Display your badge carefully

Make sure that your Blue Badge is displayed with the correct side displayed.

I have parked many times using the privilege of my Blue Badge and no one has ever noticed, including me, that the wrong side was showing. Three weeks ago, I parked in a disabled parking space in Matlock using the badge and went to the post office.

Unfortunately, I fell while crossing the road (at this point I would like to thank the two young gentlemen who picked me up and helped me to the seat outside the post office, and to the couple who kindly helped me back to my car and phoned my daughter for me). My disabled husband was in the car and my daughter took us to the Whitworth Hospital.

There were no broken bones but I had hurt my hamstring.

That evening about 6pm my daughter and son-in-law returned to the car park to collect my car.

Lo and behold they found a parking ticket.

When I asked the issuer, Park Smarter, why I had been given the ticket I was told that the wrong side of the badge was showing.

My daughter wrote to the firm and explained the circumstances. They initially refused to cancel the ticket but after a copy of the Blue Badge had been sent to the firm, the ticket was cancelled.

As a law-abiding wife of a war pensioner, I was very upset by the ticket.

Surely, the next time a parking inspector sees a badge that is the wrong way round he or she might just leave a note on the windscreen informing the owner to display it properly rather than issuing a £60 penalty notice.

Jean Bullar