Do we need chauffeur?

I thoroughly agree with Scott Freeman’s comments in last week’s Counterpoint column and would go even further.

In a period of austerity measures affecting everyone, including street lights being switched off, gritting through the winter to be curtailed – how come councillors need to travel in style and have a chauffeur?

Should they not be doing their bit to help the coffers? If the post has been vacant as you suggest presumably this is a saving to the authority.

If the post is filled we need to ask what are the benefits it brings to vulnerable citizens? How does it support front line services for vulnerable people?

In the current economic climate we need a transparent service where it is easy to see the benefits posts within the county council bring to our services.

We also needs to ask if the post has been vacant how are councillors currently travelling to whatever functions require the services of a driver and door opener?

I wonder how expenditure for the official car, chauffeur and duties over the last 12 months aligns to cuts in the support vulnerable people have experienced by having their services cut - or having to pay to receive them.

In these times of cut backs could not councillors take some responsibility for their decisions and maybe lead by example using their Gold Card to travel where possible?

This way they could meet their constituents and experience the ‘real world’ of travel, which for most vulnerable people can be a daunting experience.

Paul Henshall

by email