Do we need yet more housing?

I have been following with interest the news items and letters concerning plans for more houses in the Derbyshire Dales.

With regard to Wirksworth, does Wirksworth need more houses? What kind of houses does Wirksworth need more of?

What kind of a town do we who live in Wirksworth want it to be?

Do we want more houses that will be bought by second home owners and used as holiday homes, thus standing empty a significant proportion of the year?

Do we want more low cost houses for our young people to be able to set up home in?

If we want to keep Wirksworth a vibrant community, we need our young people to raise their families here, in houses on which they can afford to pay the rent or mortgage, and to keep school rolls at a sufficient size to keep schools open.

So, if we feel that we need more houses in Wirksworth, we must decide who these houses will be for.

There is little industry now in Wirksworth and few local jobs, so if we feel that Wirksworth needs to grow in size, do we want Wirksworth to become primarily a dormitory town and a town for more second homes.

Or should we concentrate on providing affordable housing and rental social housing?

Where should these houses be built?

Hopefully, not on green field sites before brown field sites have been fully looked at- particularly the extensive ex-quarry land.

I trust that the people of Wirksworth will have time to debate this fully before any plans are agreed upon.

Jill Rapoport,