Do you know the stones’ secret?

Peter Keeble's image of stones at Long Dale
Peter Keeble's image of stones at Long Dale

Peter Keeble sent us this photo, hoping that Mercury readers might solve its mystery.

He said: “I took this picture recently on the latest walk with Matlock U3A Walking Group when I came across this triptych carved in limestone in Long Dale near Pikehall.

“The inscription on the front stone reads: ‘We meet to create memories and depart to cherish them’.

“The second stone has a carving of swallows and the third the sun.

“In spite of extensive research I cannot find any reference to this triptych, how old it is, by whom it was carved, when it was placed in position and why Long Dale was its resting place.

“I wonder if any readers know the answers to these questions?”

Can you help solve the mystery? If you know anything about the stones, please let us know.

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