Do you know this family?

I wondered if any reader could help with information regarding David Sherwood Jones.

David was a photographer, we know that he sold his business in Matlock and left for America, leaving his wife and family behind. This was between 1888 and 1891.

Many years ago the family was told that in 1920(ish) he returned to Matlock with his new wife, and that this was reported in a local paper.

I am trying to find descendants of one of his children, Minnie Sherwood Jones who married Sidney Maskery/Maskrey. They married in 1898 and lived in Ashling Street, Nottingham for many years, and I understand that their descendants now reside in Nottingham and the Matlock area.

Sid and Minnie had a son John Henry, born in 1906, who with wife Dorothy Pearson had a son called John, born in 1930s. Daughter Nora married one Claude H. Spencer, in 1940, and their son was also John,

Finally Rosa Lillian married Walter J. Hallam in 1932, and had a son Walter.

I am hoping that the current family may throw some light on this illusive chap, or possibly have some photographs of Minnie and her family.

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