Dog fouling: Sacred place is not a dog toilet

I have written to the Mercury on a number of occasions regarding dog fouling at the methodist cemetery in Darley Dale.

I wrote to the council and they wrote back to me, stating that they were going to put up signs regarding the problem.

The signs were placed on the waste bins in the cemetery and were so small, you had a job to see them.

However, vandals have now removed the signs, so we’re back to square one.

People who use the cemetery as a short-cut to Whitworth Park should keep their dog on a lead and carry a bag so they can dispose of any dog mess in the bins that our provided.

It’s common sense, pick up after your dog and there will be no need for anyone to step in dog dirt.

Not only is it disgusting, it is a sacred place and should not be used as a dogs’ toilet.

If something is not done soon, I will erect a sign myself as it is an absolute disgrace.


Darley Dale