Dog owners warned amid Adder boost

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Dog owners are being warned to take precaution with pets along Curbar Edge as the Adder population thrives.

While Adders are still a rare sight in the Peaks, numbers have been growing and people visiting the destination – believed to be the only place in Derbyshire where the snake lives – are urged to be vigilant.

To avoid attacks, dog owners are advised to keep pets on a lead and out of longer grass and heather at the side of paths.

Chris Monk, volunteer for the Derbyshire Amphibian and Reptile Group, said: “The threat posed by Adders is not huge. There are thousands of people who visit the area every year and most never even see one. If your dog does get bitten, though, owners must pick it up and carry it to a vets straight away for treatment. In the vast majority of cases the animals will be fine.”

While Adders do not pose a huge threat to humans either, Chris warns that bites do happen and that people must go straight to hospital.

Chris said: “Adders are a lot more frightened of humans than we are of them, so it’s nothing to worry about. But please, if you do see an Adder – don’t pick it up. While you may not get bitten, there’s a big chance they’ll empty their bowels on you and that smell lasts for days.”

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