Dog walkers’ concerns over mess pile-up

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A dog waste bin has raised concerns that authorities are failing to empty it regularly, leaving dog walkers to pile up bags of puppy waste around it.

Derbyshire Dales District Council was slammed for not being quick enough to respond to residents’ concerns, but has now confirmed the bin has been emptied.

Mum of two Cheryl Matthews, from Matlock, claims that a dog waste bin on the footpath near Whitworth Road in Darley Dale was left un-emptied for over a week, following a similar complaint in April.

She said on social media: “Since I took this picture it has got worse and there is now dog waste bags all over the floor right next to the footpath. It happens too often, this bin getting forgotten about. It’s disgusting - dog waste bags all over the floor.”

Mollie Ellis also waded into the discussion with concerns that as other bins have been removed entirely those that remain are not emptied frequently enough.

She said: “Do they not realise that the remaining bins now need emptying more often? As well as looking awful these bins present an environmental and health hazard.”

A spokesperson for the council said they had been alerted to a bin left un-emptied and referred concerned dog walkers to an online form to report when this happens.

The spokesperson added: “We can confirm the bin in question has been emptied. We are always happy to react when a bin collection is inadvertently missed and we urge local people to report any issues.

“A full dog bin is not an excuse for dog owners to simply dump bagged mess on a footpath or by the side of the road. Any general waste bin can be used for bagged dog mess, as can domestic waste bins at home, and we would respectfully remind dog owners that they are responsible for cleaning up after their animals in public places.”

Mollie Ellis added: “If the bins are full can you blame people for not picking up their dog waste if there is nowhere they can safely dispose of it?”

Report un-emptied dog waste bins at