Don’t judge teenagers

What a world we live in.

My daughter and her friend decided to do a little shopping, which all teenage girls love to do, especially without mums.

It is with great sadness their day got spoilt for them. For whilst shopping in Superdrug in Matlock for hair dye both girls made the mistake of having their backs to the camera.

To the horror of both girls, they got stopped in another shop by police, questioned and searched because store staff had reported the girls to the police for shoplifting.

Both girls had shorts and skinny ribbed vest tops and one a small bag, just big enough for two purses, two lipglosses and what young girls sometimes need, anyone with any common sense would have looked at both girls and realised there was no way that eithier girl could have shoplifted anything.

Not once did anyone ask the girls if they needed any help, they just jumped to the wrong conclusion that they were up to no good.

As a parent I thought both girls had used their initiative to read the hair dye boxes and to shop around looking at different makes, before making a final decision.

It is small minded, anti-teenagers that doesn’t give our children a chance, to become independent, if all it takes is for them to be facing the wrong way in a shop to be wrongly accused of something so serious.

Thank God the police officer had the sense to realise that both girls hadn’t done anything

Have we real come to the stage when shopping in Matlock that we have to face cameras at all times, or walk out without buying anything, or pick something up, let alone place it in the wrong place, would this be seen as suspicious and get you wrongly accused of shoplifting?

Concerned Parent