Don’t let Dales be peppered

As a former resident in the Matlock area, I was astonished when visiting your website to read the articles on applications and approvals for wind farms /turbines in the Derbyshire Dales.

It beggars belief that approvals for these monstrosities have been given by Derbyshire Dales District Council commenting that these are a significant contribution to Green Energy. What piffle from planners and eco groups.

Whilst everyone is aware of the need to protect the planet, wind energy is a myth.

Turbines are well known to be wholly inefficient producing only at best some 20% of their marketed output capacity, producing at times when not always high energy demand is needed, thus they can be standing idle in calm or low wind conditions and even shut down when winds are high, then producing nothing when it may be needed on the grid and their energy cannot be stored.

No one seems to have made any comment about the fact that the manufacture of carbon fibre, steel and concrete components all produce pollution, not to mention the construction process with concrete foundations and access tracks.

Nor do they focus on all the heavy goods vehicle loads, abnormal loads and plant used in construction as further pollutants, nor the grid infrastructure needs and the overall impact on the environment, transport,landscape, wildlife and lets not forget people.

The effect of these man made aliens sitting on natural landscape in the Dales seems totally disregarded, in terms of their impact on the environment, and we must not forget that the developers and the landowners reap millions in subsidy from tax payers money whilst putting at risk home owners’ investment in their own properties, subjecting them to flicker, noise and visual intrusion and stress associated.

No one has done any proper assessment of the true risk and impact, instead believing the information put forward by these developers. My question to planners is: would they want a turbine near their homes ?

The people there need to wake up to all this as they could soon find the Dales peppered.

Perhaps there will be further court actions including the Councils who are responsible.

Nigella C

Via email