Don’t ruin town forever

I must protest ( a thing I have never done before).

We have been badly let down by our local councillors in Matlock. The meeting on September 13th to decide the future of our town was nothing short of a disgrace.

How can such a thing be possible in a democracy?

The meeting was announced on some obscure web site which no one normally has reason to look at – not only that the deadline to ask to speak at the meeting was before anyone became aware of what was going on and indeed had time to do anything about it – which we expect was the plan - Can this be right !!

Why should it have to be like this – are we being sold to the highest bidder – if so at what cost? I wonder what has happened to the town plan we all agreed on a few years ago, public areas and so on.

How can anyone think a big ugly high rise development in the centre can benefit a small town like us – can we even support another supermarket and so on?

What about the tourists we attract to the Derbyshire Dales because of our lovely park etc.

They will just pass on by in future and who can blame them.

They may well stay at some budget hotel but then will most certainly move on to spend the day (and their money) somewhere more congenial.

Short term cash gain will ruin our town for ever.

Is there no way we can stop this madness?

Christine Smith

Via email