Drivers in dashboard denial

New research reveals that four million motorists have suffered from ‘dashboard denial’ in the past year, ignoring a warning light for five days or more.

A study for Kwik Fit, the automotive repair company, has found that 13 million motorists (36 per cent) have been alerted by at least one dashboard light.

However, a third (31 per cent or four million) didn’t investigate the cause for at least five days.

The research showed that of these, 1.2 million continue to be afflicted by ‘dashboard denial’ – drivers who still haven’t been to a garage to get the fault looked into and are risking a breakdown.

Of the 13 million drivers seeing a warning light in the past year, just 29 per cent (3.7 million) got it checked out immediately.

The remaining 5.1 million motorists (39 per cent of those who have had a light come on) took between one and four days to look into the underlying problem with their car.

The warning light that affects more motorists than any other is the ‘engine system warning light’ as 3.6 million (ten per cent) have seen it come on, whilst the ‘oil pressure warning light’ is the second most frequent offender, affecting 2.5 million (seven per cent) of motorists.

The Kwik Fit survey reveals that 400,000 have had a warning light they couldn’t identify.