Drivers praised in Peak District speed watch

Motorists have been praised for driving carefully – during a police crackdown in two Peak District villages.

Community Speed Watch volunteers and officers carried out two checks on Church Street, in Eyam and then on the following day on The Avenue, Stoney Middleton.

No drivers were found to be travelling above the speed limit in either session.

Motorists that are picked up speeding by Community Speed Watch are usually sent a letter to inform them about the check, to raise awareness of the limits and that if they continue to speed, they risk a fine and penalty points on their driving licence.

PCSO Anthony Boswell said: “The main aim of Community Speed Watch is to remind motorists of the local speed limits and most importantly encourage them to slow down.

“We were pleased to find that during these two sessions all motorists were driving carefully. This is ideally what we would like to achieve and we hope that Community Speed Watch is helping to play a part in this by reinforcing the road safety message.”